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Year of the Goat
KOOP recognizes Lunar New Year as one of its annual Celebration Events.  Often called Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival it is celebrated by many East Asian countries through the coming months.... read more
WE Con Austin participants
Friday 2/27, 1:00pm
People United talks about the 2015 WE Con Austin, the second annual Women's Empowerment Conference being held March 7th and 8th on the Eastview campus of Austin Community College, with three of its... read more
Ethan Azarian
Saturday 2/28, 3:00pm
The Singer and the Song welcomes one of Austin's most interesting singer/songwriters, the enigmatic Ethan Azarian!  Ethan is a visual artist, too, and his music is as rich and colorful as his... read more
Monday 3/2, 10:00pm
Join Wildeyes deep in the covers at koop.org for a special membership drive episode of Schizo Expop. "Deep in the covers?!! No thanks, that sounds creepy." We were talking about playing our favorite... read more

Upcoming Shows

Friday 2/27, 11:00am
Country, Roots Music, Singer-Songwriter
Friday 2/27, 12:00pm
Garage Rock, Psychedelic
Friday 2/27, 1:00pm
Public Affairs
Friday 2/27, 2:00pm
Public Affairs
Friday 2/27, 3:30pm
Garage Rock, Punk & Hardcore
Friday 2/27, 4:30pm

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