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The Blood And Tissue Center Of Central Texas

On Friday, June 5th The Blood Center of Central Texas will have their Blood Mobile at KOOP Studios from 2:30-5:00PM.  Donating blood makes lifesaving possible because there is NO substitute for...

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Upcoming Shows

Wednesday 5/27, 8:00am
Eclectic, Internet Only
Wednesday 5/27, 9:00am
Cajun, New Orleans R&B, Zydeco
Wednesday 5/27, 11:00am
Eclectic, Garage Rock, Hawaiian / Polynesian, Psychedelic, Rockabilly, Surf, Western Swing
Wednesday 5/27, 12:00pm
Wednesday 5/27, 1:00pm
Public Affairs
Wednesday 5/27, 2:00pm
Public Affairs

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