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Playlist 1-1-2019 A Blues Groove

<p>New Year's Day Blues<p>

<p>Birthday honorees: Frank Stokes, Johnny Young, Rocky Morales, Johnny Adams<p>

<p>Remembering RIP Robert Pete Williams, Amos Milburn<p>

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Playlist for December 29, 2018 - Zolo Special with Pat Healy and Chad Allen

Edwina Biglet and the Miglets - Thing - 7" - Dadjo
Jets - Rusty Corinthian Pillar - Yeah! 7" - Cube
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Themesong from Bullwinkle - Magnetic Flip - Ace of Hearts
Anonymous - Corporate Food - 7" - Flat
Deadbeats - The Year 2000 Will Turn Out OK - Live at the Whiskey - SFTRI

Playlist 12-27-18 Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree

<p>Playlist 12-27-18 Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree-Host Rod Moag Thursday's 9-11am KOOP 91.7FM<p>

<p>Sidekick engineer-playlist assist Texas Ted Branson<p>

<p>Cowboy Corner<p>

Playlist 12-25-18 Under the X in Texas Xmas Show The Bonebreakers LIVE

<p>Playlist 12-25-18 Under the X in Texas-Host Ted Branson Tuesday's 9-11am KOOP 91.7FM <p>

Playlist 12-25-18 A Blues Groove

<p>Playlist 12-25-18 A Blues Groove-Host Ted Branson Tuesday's 8-9am internet radio<p>

<p>Christmas Day Blues Special<p>

<p>Birthday Honorees: Little Esther Philipps, Johnny Otis, Tracy Nelson<p>

<p>Passings: Albert King & Freddie King<p>

Playlist for December 22, 2018

(background instro tunes in italics)
Shake Shake! - Yellow Ditty - 7" - Compact Organization
Shoes - Tomorrow Night - 7" - Bomp
XL5's - Miserlou - 7" - 4 Play
Slight Seconds - Where Were You - v/a - Messthetics Greatest Hits - Hyped2Death

Playlist 12/20/18 - CHRISTMASSS!!!

Savage Henry & the Infamous One Pounders – “Let's Get Pissed Again! (Like we did last Xmas)"
FEAR - "Another Christmas Beer" - 'American Beer'
Jonny Manak –“Santa Stole My Whisky Last Night”
The Jims – “Six Packs for Christmas” – ‘Merry Christmas, Fuck You’
The Mansfields – “Broke on Christmas Again” – ‘Loud, Fast, Punk, Trash, Rock 'n' Roll’

Playlist 12-20-18 Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree

<p>Playlist 12-20-18 Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree-Host Rod Moag Thursdays 9-11am<p>

<p>Annual Christmas Special<p>

<p>Ted Branson playlist-engineer assist<p>

<p>Cowboy Corner<p>


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