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Ear Candy Playlists - 6/14/03 and 6/21/03

Hey kids. Here are the last two playlists. Enjoy and don't forget to vote in the Austin Chronicle's Best oF Austin! KOOP would appreciate your vote!

Cat Power – He War – You Are Free

Creeper Lagoon – Tracy – I Become Small & Go

Ear Candy Playlist 4/19/03.

Just to let you know....mark your social calendar
for May 10th. The 3rd annual KOOP Pop Prom will be at
Club De Ville that evening starting at 8pm til 2am.
This year's theme....ROBOTS.
Famous robot deejays....Jay Robo-llard, Herrbot 3000,
and Jen2Fer2 will be spinnin' the hottest tunes for
you to do the Robot to.
Stay tuned for more details!

Your Invitation to the KOOP Prom 2004!

You are cordially invited to the KOOP PROM 2004.
The prom will take place this Saturday, May 15th at Club Deville.
This year is a celebration of NYC Punk! So ladies slip on your Candies and gents lace up your Converse.

Ear Candy Playlist May 15, 2004

Hey everyone!

I know I will be seeing you all at the fourth annual
KOOP Prom tonight, right? I'll be passing out copies
of today's Ear Candy playlist at Club Deville around
10pm when the prom gets started.

91.7 fm KOOP Austin, Texas***Ear Candy Playlist - Saturday, May 1st, 2004***

No Jennifers in sight, but Gary stepped in to man (not
woman) the helm.
Also, the Fall were in town, so an hour went to
celebrating their wonderful & frightening world.

Playlist for December 11, 2004 - With Guest DJ Lisa Rickenberg

Joy Division - At A Later Date - Short Circuit; Live At The Electric Circus
Mirrors (Cleveland) - Living Without You - Those Were Different Times
Mirrors (Houston) - Patient Flowers (Electric) - 7"
Lou Reed - Vicious - Transformer
Pagans - Boy, Can I Dance Good - Shit Street
Flesheaters - Shallow Water - Forever Came Today

December 10, 2004

artist song

December 3, 2004

artist song

Playlist for December 4, 2004

Live Wires - Love - Pebbles 7 (comp)
Bentbeaks - Think - Worldbeaters (comp)
Miracle Workers - Go Now - Inside Out
Prisoners - Who’s Sorry Now - The Last Fourfathers
Scientists - We Had Love - 7”
Vapors - Spring Collection - New Clear Days
Subs - Party Clothes - Bad Teeth 3 (comp)

November 19, 2004

artist song


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