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Playlist - 2005-09-23

A Five and Dime Ship The Way it All Would End Silicon and Godflesh USA

Playlist - 2005-09-16

King Crimson Discipline Elephant Talk UK

Playlist for September 24, 2005 - Fall Membership Drive

Joe King Carrasco - Party Weekend - 7”
Elvis Costello - Beaten to the Punch - Peel Sessions
Undertones - What’s with Terry - Hypnotised
Fans - Give Me That Look in Your Eyes - You Don’t Live Here Anymore
Suburban Lawns - Gidget Goes to Hell
Soft Boys - The Face of Death - Wading Through a Ventilator
Ideal - Erschiessen - Der Ernst des Lebens

Playlist for October 1, 2005 - Fall Membership Drive

We the People - My Brother the Man - Psychedelic Microdots 1 (comp)
Bonniwell Music Machine - Dark White - Ignition
Art Brut - Good Weekend - Good Weekend
Sugarfreaks - I Hope You’re Happy - s/t
Scientists - Shake Together Tonight - Pissed on Another Planet
X (L.A.) - Motel Room in My Bed - Under the Black Sun
Trashmen - New Generation - The Best of...

Playlist 09-24-05 (Fall Membership Drive show)


Tangela Tricoli, "Jet Lady," Songs in the Key of Z, Vol. 2

Liz Phair, "Girl's Room," White Chocolate Space Egg

Kimya Dawson, "Lullaby for the Taken," Hidden Vagenda

The Mountain Goats, "Dilaudid," The Sunset Tree

Dolly Parton, "I Will Always Love You," Jolene

Playlist 09-17-05 (Fall Membership Drive show)


National Lampoon, "Deteriorata," Dr. Demento's 30th Anniv. Collection

Nick Drake, "Black-Eyed Dog," Practical Magic

Alexander "Skip" Spence, "War in Peace," Oar

Nancy Turner, "Everything Reminds Me of My Therapist," Dr. Demento's 30th

Wild Man Fischer, "Pronounced Normal," The Fischer King

Playlist for Sunday, September 18, 2005

Artist - Song - Album Italicized=talkover music
Aaron Neville - Hercules - v/a: New Orleans Funk Vol. 1
Oblivians w/ Mr. Quintron - Live The Life - Oblivians Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron
Irma Thomas - Cry On - v/a: New Orleans Home Of The Blues
Gentleman June Gardner - It's Gonna Rain - v/a: New Orleans Funk Vol. 1

Playlist for Sunday, September 11, 2005

Artist - Song - Album Italicized=talkover music
Wellwater Conspiracy - Green Undertow - 7"
The Mockingbirds - You Stole My Heart - v/a: Immediate A's & B's
Sinn Sisamouth - A Diamond Ring - v/a: Cambodian Rocks III
Baikonour - Proto-Coeur - For The Lonely Hearts Of The Cosmos

Playlist 09-03-05 (two hour debut)


L’il Queenie & The Percolators, “My Darlin’ New Orleans”

The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, “Not Too Eggy”

Louis Armstrong, “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?”

(All: Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens, The Big Ol’ Box of New Orleans)

Richard Cheese, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Tuxicity


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