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Playlist 1-2-18 A Blues Groove INTERNET ONLY 8-9am

<p>Playlist 1-2-18 A Blues Groove-Host Ted Branson INTERNET ONLY Tuesday's 8am-9am<p>

<p>Blues Birthday's Frank Stokes, Johnny Young, Johnny Adams, Kim Wilson, Johnny Otis, T.D. Bell, Joe Louis Walker<p>

Dark End of the Street - PLAYLIST FOR JANUARY 2, 2018

Happy New Year and Merry 9th day of Christmas. Please send requests, questions, comments to [email protected] ...

Playlist for December 30, 2017

(background instro tunes in italics)
Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Slip - The Size of Food - Flying Nun
Weekend - Drumbeat for Baby - v/a - Instant Pop Classics 2 - HappyLuxPop
Perrey & Kingsley - Flight of the Bumblebee - The Essential Perrey & Kingsley - Vanguard

Playlist 12-28-17 Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree

<p>Playlist 12-28-17 Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree-Host Rod Moag Thursdays 9-11am KOOP 91.7FM<p>

<p>Guest host and DJ Diana Griffin Ennis from KKFI KC, MO<p>

<p>Engineer-playlist assist Ted Branson<p>

<p>B-Days: Suzy Bogus, Wesley Tuttle, Scotty Moore, Bob Luman, Dorsey Burnette, Skeeter Davis<p>

Playlist 12-26-17 Under the X in Texas

<p>Playlist 12-26-17 Under the X in Texas-Host Ted Branson Tuesday's 9-11am KOOP 91.7FM<p>

<p>Guest host and disc jockey my darlin' 10 yr old grandaughter Savannah Rose<p>

<p>Birthday Honorees: Noel McKay, Harry Choates, Rocky Morales, Rick McRae, Amber Digby, Al Dressen, Abe Manuael Jr.<p>

Dark End of the Street - PLAYLIST FOR DECEMBER 26, 2017

Merry 2nd day of Christmas. Today we looked at several folks who began 2017 with us and aren't here to see it go out. Specifically: Fats Domino (89), Gregg Allman (69), Wayne Cochran (78), Mel Tillis (85), LC Cooke (84), Bobby Freeman (76), Robert Knight (72), Jimmy Hayes (69), & Marvell Thomas (75).

Playlist 12/21/17

Direct Hit! - "Caroler" - xmas single
The Bloody Muffs – “Wish We Were Drunk (for Christmas)”
Peter and the Test Tube Babies - "I'm Getting Pissed for Christmas" - 'Best of...'
The Maxies - "Holiday" - xmas single
Brainless Wonders – “Revenge of Santa” – ‘Another Boring Christmas Comp’
Vista Blue – “Dismembering Christmas” - 'Songs About Stuff'

Playlist 12-24-17 A Blues Groove-Host Ted Branson's Annual Blues Christmas Special!

<p>Playlist 12-24-17 A Blues Groove-Host Ted Branson Sunday's 9am-10am KOOP 91.7FM<p>

<p>A Blues Groove moves to internet only Tuesday's 8am-9am 1-2-2018<p>

<p>Annual Blues Christmas Special!<p>

<p>Blues Birthday's: Peetie Wheatstraw, Bo Diddley, Johnny Otis, Tracy Nelson<p>

Playlist for December 23, 2017

(background instro tunes in italics)
Altered Images - Dead Pop Stars - 7" - Epic
Singles - Send for Sorrow - v/a - Teenage Treats 4 - Xerox
Aavikko - Cipetown - Derek! - Bad Vugum
Ralph Carney - Hösé Annå - v/a - Bowling Balls from Hell - Clone


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