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Playlist 30 May 2018

Motörhead - Heartbreaker - Aftershock (UDR)

Mirror - Orion's Sword/Cloak Of A Thousand Secrets - Mirror (Mirror)

Iron Maiden - The Prisoner - The Number Of The Beast (Harvest)

Roxxcalibur - Music Power - Lords Of The NWOBHM (Limb)

Mountain Witch - Snake Wand - Cold River (This Charming Man)

Black Wizard - Two Of These Nights - Livin' Oblivion (Listenable)

Playlist 23 May 2018

Motörhead - Slow Dance - We Are Motörhead - (CMC)

Manowar - Bridge Of Death - Hail To England (Geffen)

Dio - Just Another Day - Sacred Heart (WB)

Castle - Traitor's Rune - Welcome To The Graveyard (Van)

Saviours - Flesh Of Fire - Palace Of Vision (Listenable)

Super Heavy Goat Ass - Zodiac - Nemesis (Arclight)

Playlist 9 May 2018

Motörhead - Death Machine - Aftershock (UDR)

Eagle Claw - Golden Eagle - Poacher (Eagle Claw)

Pallbearer - Cruel Road - Heartless (Profound Lore)

Horisont - Letare - About Time (Century Media)

Venomous Maximus - No Warning - No Warning (Shadow Kingdom)

Angel Witch - Guillotine - As Above, So Below (Metal Blade)

Playlist 2 May 2018

Motörhead - Stay Out Of Jail - We Are Motörhead (Steamhammer)

Neon Warship - In Waves - Neon Warship (Neon Warship)

Venomous Maximus - Sea Of Sleep - No Warning (Shadow Kingdom)

Magic Circle - Journey Blind - Journey Blind (20 Buck Spin)

Chariot - Burning -  Burning Ambition (Shades)

Saxon - They Played Rock N Roll - Thunderbolt (Silver Lining)

Playlist 5/25/18

Hospital Job – “Mount Rushmore” – ‘Haze Like Me’
The Haddonfields – “Make a Sound” – ‘When Cowboys Cry’
Lame Shot! – “Raptors Kitchen Party” – ‘Try Again’
Radio Buzzkills – “Can’t Wait Forever” – ‘Get Fired’
Dorkatron – “Chemical Reaction” – ‘The Extra Mile’
The Brokedowns – “Pardon the Light” – ‘Sick of Space’

People United - June 1, 2018

People United features Anna Nguyen, the president of PFLAG Austin, on the welcoming as well as the coming out of people that self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or otherwise queer.

Listen to an archive of this program here.

Playlist 5-31-18 Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree

<p>Playlist 5-31-18 Country Swing & Rockabilly Jamboree-Host Rod Moag Thursdays 9-11am<p>

<p>Engineer-playlist assist Texas Ted<p>

<p>Births & passings: Deke Dickerson, Kristyn Harris, Johnny Gimble, Doc Watson, Johnny Bond, Johnny Paycheck<p>

<p>Memorial Day Salute<p>

<p>Cowboy Corner<p>

Playlist 5-29-18 Under the X in Texas

<p>Playlist 5-29-18 Under the X in Texas-Host Ted Branson Tuesday's 9-11am KOOP 91.7FM<p>

<p>Birthday Honorees; Johnny Gimble, Herb Remington, Curly Hollingsworth, Paul Franklin , Johnny Paycheck, Kristyn Harris, Dave Martin, Lydia Mendoza, Augie Meyers, Danny Roy Young<p>

<p>Tiffany Transcription Time<p>

Playlist 5-29-18 A Blues Groove

<p>Playlist 5-29-18 A Blues Groove-Host Ted Branson Tuesday's 8-9am internet only<p>

<p>Blues Birthday Honorees: T-Bone Walker, Memphis Minnie. Jimmy Rogers, Ron Levy, Lafayette Leake, Buster Pickens, Mamie Smith<p>

<p>Remembering Sonny Boy Williamson II RIP 5-25-1965 Helena, AR @ 52<p>

Dark End of the Street - PLAYLIST FOR MAY 29, 2018

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