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People United - September 18, 2009

People United features radical journalist and godless church-goer Robert Jensen on his book All My Bones Shake: Seeking a Progressive Path to the Prophetic Voice, a memoir of his reli

People United - January 9, 2009

People United features radical journalist Robert Jensen on the lessons still need to be learned after "9/11," in the process rebutting the commentary found in songs by

People United - November 28, 2008

People United features a roundtable discussion on the struggle for social justice with Karen Burke of the International Socialist Organization, Caroline Keating-Guerra of the Austin Immigrants Rights Coalition, Dana Cl

People United - November 14, 2008

People United features journalist Jeremy Scahill on privatization, US foreign policy, and the next presidential administration. Episode concludes with a commentary by Rahul Mahajan ("Only in America").

People United - November 7, 2008

People United host Allan Campbell talks about local resources for sex workers with pole-dance instructor and former dancer Lynn Krug, photographer and dancer Chriselda Pacheco, and church lady Brenda Hannan Matyis of Hope in the City. Episode concludes with a commentary by Rahul Mahajan ("A New Birth of Patriotism").

People United - October 17, 2008

People United features a live conversation with Chie Abad of Global Exchange, Judith Rosenberg of the American Friends Service Committee, and Cristina T

People United - October 24, 2008

People United features former White House Counsel John Dean, Harvard Law School professor Cass Sunstein, DailyKos legal w

People United - October 3, 2008

People United host Allan Campbell talks about war resistance with peace activists Garland Robertson, the local organizer of the October 3rd-5th National Assembly to Honor Freedom of Conscience, and

People United - July 31, 2009

People United presents the second of a two-part episode with political scientist Norman Finkelstein, who this week can be heard taking questions from Austin residents about Israel, its relations with neighboring states, and its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

People United - June 26, 2009

People United examines the crisis in the Peruvian Amazon with Bob Cash of the Texas Fair Trade Coalition, Latin Americanist Cristina Herencia, and Eduardo Melgar, host of KOOP Radio's


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