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December 19, 2012 - Jason Shields
Blogs ReMIX
2012/12/18 13:57 by Jen Venzke
Find out more about the cool stuff Jason does HERE.

Here is his entire playlist:
Alex Moore, Hard Hearted Woman
The Paladins, Tore Up
Faron Young, I’m Gonna Live Some Before I Die
High Noon, Gotta Lotta That
Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys, Chalk It Up To the Blues
The Dave and Deke Combo, Going Steady With the Blues
Smith’s Ranch Boys, Who Is There With You
Nick Curran, It’s My Life, Baby
The Horton Brothers, She Tells Me With Her Eyes
The Sprague Brothers, Right or Wrong
Lil Gizzelle, Baby Please Don’t Go
JD McPhearson, North Side Gal
Merle Spears, It’s Just a Matter of Time
Maddox Brothers and Rose, I’m A Little Red Caboose (on the Choo Choo Train of Love)
Faron Young, Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
Tears for Fears, Suffer the Children
Merle Spears, Ain’t No Need
Lil Gizzelle, Chills and Fever
Marc And The Mambas, My Little Book of Sorrows
Alex Moore, They May Not Be My Toes
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