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Playlist December 17, 2012 - The Waterboys

This weeks show featured the music of Mike Scott and his band The Waterboys, sweeping, romantic music, suffused with Celtic mysticism and spirituality.

"the waterboys" "mike scott" "from the other side of the mirror"

The show is called “From the Other Side of the Mirror” and is broadcast every Monday at 9 am. You can find KOOP radio at 91.7 Fm in the Austin area, or stream it online at

  1. We Will Not Be Lovers

  2. She Is So Beautiful

  3. Meet Me At The Station

  4. Everlasting Arms

  5. Glastonbury Song

  6. Killing My Heart

  7. The Whole Of The Moon

  8. How Long Will I Love You

  9. Strange Boat

  10. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy

  11. Fisherman’s Blues

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