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March 2, 2013 - Spring Membership Drive, Week 2
Blogs The Graveside Service
2013/3/5 11:43 by elle gee

Kenneth Threadgill  3/20/1987
Come Back to Texas - Kenneth Threadgill

Amos Milburn  3/03/1980
Bad Bad Whiskey - Amos Milburn

Don Walser  9/20/2006
Texas Top Hand - Don Walser

Booker Ervin  7/31/1970
Under Paris Skies - Roy Haynes

Barry White  7/04/2003
Can't Get Enough of Your Love - Barry White

Kenny Dorham  12/05/1972
Room 608 - Horace Silver & The Jazz Messengers

Cindy Walker  3/23/2006
The Gold Rush is Over - Hank Snow

Juan Seguin  8/27/1890 & Santiago Jimenez Sr.  12/18/1984
Juan Seguin - Santiago Jimenez Jr.

Doug Sahm  11/18/1999
Chicano - Doug Sahm

Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow  5/23/1934
Bonnie's Poem - excerpt from the motion picture Bonnie & Clyde

Lyndon Baines Johnson  1/22/1973
Hello, Lyndon - Oscar Brandon

Tex Beneke  5/30/2000
Five Minutes More - Tex Beneke

Janis Joplin  10/04/1970
Bye Bye Baby - Janis Joplin

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