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March 6, 2013 - Lisa Scheps
Blogs ReMIX
2013/3/5 12:31 by Jen Venzke
Find out more about the cool stuff Lisa does HERE.

Here is her entire playlist:
The Beach Boys, I Get Around   
Bing Crosby, I Only Want A Buddy - Not A Sweetheart  
John Fred & His Playboy Band, Judy In Disguise 
Allan Sherman, Barry is the Baby's Name/Horowitz/Get On the Garden Freeway                             
The Chi-Lites, Have You Seen Her
Fiddler On the Roof (Original Broadway Cast Recording), Matchmaker   
The Songs Of West Side Story, Gee, Officer Krupke
Ella Fitzgerald, The Blue Room   
Cat Stevens, Rubylove  
Triumvirat, The Capital Of Power
Jan & Dean, Sidewalk Surfin'      

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