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Playlist for 03 March 2013
Blogs Commercial Suicide
2013/3/5 21:27 by Nick Hennies
Stuart Saunders Smith - "Links No. 6 (Song Interiors)" (New World)
Alessandro Bosetti - "Stand Up Comedy" (excerpt) (Weird Ear)
Cory Allen - "The Great Order, part 1) (Quiet Design)
Sean O'Neill - "Rufesec" (Absence of Wax)
Jason Crumer - "B. Knights Inn (Revenge)" (Second Layer)
Mauricio Kagel - "Exotica" (excerpt) (Koch Schwann)
Israël Quellet - "Pour Orgue" (Sub Rosa)
Morton Feldman - "Crippled Symmetry" (excerpt) (Bridge)
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