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Community Radio for Austin, TX
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Items of general interest about KOOP Radio.

Requested and Answered by David Fruchter [dfruchter] on 2010/11/30 15:31 (2337 reads)
The mission of the Corporation is to provide high quality, innovative, and diverse community- oriented programming to Austin with an emphasis on those communities that are ignored or underserved by mainstream media; including serving and promoting specific communities of African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Chicanas/os, elders, gays, lesbians, homeless, immigrants, Indigenous peoples, Latinos/as, peoples with disabilities, women, working and poor people, youth, and other underserved communities. KOOP Community Radio supports the struggle for social justice and peace. KOOP Community Radio will operate with a high level of participation and accountability to the communities being served.

Requested and Answered by David Fruchter [dfruchter] on 2010/11/30 15:36 (1870 reads)
3823 Airport Blvd., Suite B
Austin, TX 78722

That’s on the south-east corner of Airport Boulevard and 38½ Street, in a small brown strip of businesses overlooking a scenic gas station. Our friendly next-door neighbors include the City Theatre and the Neighborhood Acupuncture Project.

Requested and Answered by David Fruchter [dfruchter] on 2010/11/30 15:55 (1768 reads)
KOOP Station Meetings are usually held the first Monday of every month, at 7:00 PM, at the Vortex Theater located at 2307 Manor Road. All are invited, and all KOOP volunteers are especially encouraged to attend – in fact, you can earn ½ hour of volunteer time just for attending!

There are occasions when, due to holidays or other exceptional circumstances, the monthly Station Meeting may be rescheduled; usually when this happens it takes place the following Monday at the same time and place. Watch the KOOP email list for announcements, or to confirm meeting date, time, or location, call the office at 472-1369.

Requested and Answered by David Fruchter [dfruchter] on 2010/11/30 16:01 (1687 reads)
KOOP Community Radio shares its frequency with KVRX, student radio for the University of Texas at Austin. KOOP broadcasts from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays, and 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. weekends.

This schedule is the result of a legal settlement that occurred at the time both stations were founded. Each was applying for a license at approximately the same time, and because there was only one frequency available at that time the courts ruled that they should share the frequency. KOOP and KVRX now enjoy a great working relationship and encourage you to keep your radio dial tuned to 91.7 FM at all times.

KOOP now also streams live "after hours" exclusively over the Internet! Tune in to our live streaming audio feed. Check out our KOOP Schedule to find out more and to get tuned in to KOOP radio!

Requested and Answered by David Fruchter [dfruchter] on 2010/11/30 16:04 (2661 reads)
While we have had internet listeners from all over the world, on July 1, 2010, the KOOP FM signal was confirmed to have traveled a record 862 miles to be received on a standard radio in Grand Junction, Colorado. The signal is believed to have done a skip off the E layer of the ionosphere.

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