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The Girlie Show is your destination for all woman vocals, all the time. Stylistically broad with an emphasis on (x)wave, (x)pop, and a dash of disco hedonism.

Saturday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:00 PM Central. KOOP 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas and streaming online at

Contact: girlie at koop dot org


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The Girlie Show

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Nu Shooz

I Can't Wait Go Remix Instrumental

I Can't Wait Unplugged

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:57 pm Album | Track

Book Of Love

We Three Kings

MMXVI-The 30th Anniversary Collection (Remastered)

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:53 pm Album | Track

Sally Shapiro

Anorak Christmas

Disco Romance

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:50 pm Album | Track

Miranda Dali

Merry Xmas (War Is Over)

Miranda Dali

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:46 pm Album | Track

Vast Hill

Last Christmas

Retro Promenade Presents It's Christmas Time! IV The Quest For Peace

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:43 pm Album | Track

Peggy & The Pills

Nobody's Bride (Instrumental)

Nobody's Bride 12"

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:34 pm &linkCode=ur2&tag=kr031b-20&linkId=CBBKWJTSYQVOAZVV">Album | Track

X Ray Pop

Xmas Bong

Xmas Pop

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:32 pm Album | Track

Mars Argo

Pls Don't Forget About Me

Pls Don't Forget About Me

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:29 pm Album | Track

The Social Interaction Foundation (aka Help Stamp Out Loneliness)

Just Like Xmas (In Cottonopolis)

Christmastime, Approximately

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:26 pm Album | Track

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

The Strange Presents Of Idols (Merry Christmas!)

New Christmas Classics

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:22 pm Album | Track

Summer Camp

Christmas Wrapping


Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:18 pm Album | Track

Kathy Diamond

All Woman Maurice Fulton Instrumental

Miss Diamond To You

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:14 pm Album | Track

US Girls

Blue Christmas

Holidays Rule Vol. 2

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:10 pm Album | Track

The Bird and the Bee

Carol Of The Bells

Carol Of The Bells

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:08 pm Album | Track


We Met Bernard Sumner At A Christmas Party Last Night

Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:06 pm Album | Track

Book Of Love

Candy Carol

Candy Carol

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:03 pm Album | Track

Nikka Costa

Everybody Got Their Something (Instrumental)

Everybody Got Their Something 12″ Promo

Sat, 12/23/17 - 10:01 pm Album | Track

Joni Mitchell



Sat, 12/16/17 - 10:54 pm Album | Track

Mandy Rowden

Five O'Clock World

1000 Miles

Sat, 12/16/17 - 10:51 pm Album | Track

Julie Nolen

Dignity and Grit

Dignity and Grit

Sat, 12/16/17 - 10:47 pm Album | Track