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Rag Radio
Moderators: thorne dreyer
23 Postings - 1 Topics: Rag Radio Archives
Driving in the left lane.


Cutting edge alternative journalism, politics, and culture in the spirit of the 60's underground press.

Fridays, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Host and producer: Thorne Dreyer
Co-producer and engineer: Tracey Schulz

Rag Radio features hour-long in-depth interviews and discussion about issues of progressive politics, culture, and history. Our guests include newsmakers, artists, leading thinkers, and public figures – from Austin, Texas, and around the world.

Host Thorne Dreyer was a founding editor of Austin's historic 60s underground newspaper The Rag and edits The Rag Blog , a nonprofit progressive internet newsmagazine based in Austin. He was also a founding editor at Space City! in Houston and an editor at LNS in New York, and was general manager of KPFT, the Pacifica radio station in Houston. With roots in the 60's, Rag Radio often features content about the history of Austin's unique counterculture and its political and literary traditions.

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Earlier Show Highlights

Listen to earlier shows on Rag Radio:

02-21-2014: Talkin' Texas Politics with Prominent Political Analysts Glenn Smith & Jeff Crosby

02-14-2014: Pliny Fisk & Gail Vittori on Green and Sustainable Planning and Design

02-17-2014: Singer-Songwriter Charlie Faye & Friends in Tribute to Carole King & James Taylor

01-31-2014: Cristina Tzintzún, Director of the Workers Defense Project

01-24-2014: Rock Journalist Margaret Moser, Director of Austin Music Awards

01-17-2014: Activist-Scholars Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Former Leaders of SDS & Weather Underground

01-10-2014: Austin Music Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Gina Chavez

12-20-2013: Noted Historian & Publisher Paul Buhle, Editor of "Radical Jesus: A Graphic History of Faith"

12-13-2013: Texas Criminal Justice Blogger & Prison Reform Activist Scott Henson

12-06-2013: Award-Winning Fiction Writer Daniel Chacón, Author of "Hotel Juarez"

11-29-2013: Rev. Bob Breihan, Longtime Social Justice Activist & Spiritual Counselor

11-22-2013: Citizens' Advocate Sam Daley-Harris, Author of "Reclaiming Our Democracy"

11-15-2013: Original Ragstaffers: Maryland Legislator Doyle Niemann & Activist/Poet Mariann Wizard

11-08-2013: Susan D. Carle, Author of "Defining the Struggle: Organizing for Racial Justice, 1880-1915"

11-01-2013: Acclaimed Austin-Based Singer-Songwriter Slaid Cleaves

10-25-2013: Pioneering Houston Feminist Frances "Poppy" Northcutt

10-18-2013: Meditation Facilitator Maneesha James on Death and Dying

10-11-2013: Anthropologist Seth Holmes, Author of "Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies"

10-04-2013: Novelist Thomas Zigal, Author of "Many Rivers to Cross"

09-27-2013: Newsman Dan Rather & Environmentalist Robin Rather in Father-Daughter Interview.

09-20-2013: Environmental Researcher & Global Warming Activist Bruce Melton

09-13-2013: Texas Populist Author & Commentator Jim Hightower

09-06-2013: Award-Winning Texas Novelist & Screenwriter Stephen Harrigan

08-30-2013: 'Small Schools' Advocate & former SDS Leader Mike Klonsky

08-23-2013: Singer-Songwriter & Author Bobby Bridger & Virtuoso Guitarist John Inmon

08-16-2013: Sociologist, Communications Scholar & Author Todd Gitlin, Part 2

08-02-2013: Linda Litowsky, Stefan Wray & Anita Stech on 40 Years of Austin Community TV

07-26-2013: Prof Jay Jurie and Texas NAACP Pres Gary Bledsoe on Trayvon Martin

07-19-2013: Sociologist, Communications Scholar, & Author Todd Gitlin

07-12-2013: University of Texas Law Professor Gerald Torres

07-05-2013: Houston Rock and Blues Musician Guy Schwartz

06-28-2013: Talking Politics with Glenn Smith, Director of Progress Texas PAC

06-21-2013: Author and Labor/Social Justice Activist Bill Fletcher Jr.

06-14-2013: Cristina Herencia, UN Observer on Indigenous Issues

06-07-2013: Tom Philpott, Sustainable Food and Ag Writer for Mother Jones

05-31-2013: Philosophy Scholar Bill Meacham, Author, "How to Be an Excellent Human"

05-24-2013: Poet & '60s Counterculture Legend John Sinclair of White Panthers

05-17-2013: Political Economist Gar Alperovitz, Author of "What Then Must We Do?"

05-10-2013: Journalism Prof Robert Jensen, Author of "Arguing for our Lives"

05-03-2013: "Radio Unnameable": Free-Form Radio Pioneer Bob Fass & Filmmaker Paul Lovelace

04-26-2013: Pedro Gatos & Val Liveoak on Cuba, Nicaragua & the Global South

04-13-2013: Sixties Activists and Original Yippies Judy Gumbo Albert & Nancy Kurshan

04-05-2013: Anti-Gun Violence Activists John Woods & Claire Wilson James

03-29-2013: 'Bronx Butch' Memoirist & Performance Artist Annie Rachele Lanzillotto

03-22-2013: Progressive Sportswriter and Author Dave Zirin

03-15-2013: Arhoolie Records' Chris Strachwitz and Filmmakers Maureen Gosling & Chris Simon

03-09-2013: Novelist, Educator & Immigrant Rights Activist David S. McCabe

03-01-2013: Austin Chronicle Editor & SXSW Co-Founder Louis Black

02-22-2013: Documentary Filmmaker Anne Lewis

02-15-2013: Music Journalist & Musician Hector Saldaña of The Krayolas

02-08-2013: Civil Liberties Lawyer Marjorie Heins, Author of "Priests of Our Democracy"

02-01-2013: Writer and Musician Jesse Sublett, Author of "Grave Digger Blues"

01-25-2013: Economist Robert Pollin, Author of "Back to Full Employment"

01-18-2013: Mike McGuire & Lisa Fithian on Occupy & "We Are Many"

01-11-2013: Black Feminist Beth E Richie, Author of "Arrested Justice"

12-21-2012: Sixties Music Legends Powell St. John and Charlie Prichard

12-14-2012: Singer-Songwriter & Activist Barbara K & Poet Don Paul

12-07-2012: Dallas City Archivist John H. Slate, Author of "Lost Austin"

11-30-2012: Former Police Det. Howard Wooldridge, Drug Law Reform Advocate

11-16-2012: Blues/Roots Singer-Songwriter Guy Forsyth

11-09-2012: Berlin-Based Activist David MacBryde on Germany & the Eurozone

11-02-2012: Ann Richards Biographer Jan Reid & Radio Journalist Frieda Werden

09-26-2012: Martin Duberman, Author of "Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left"

10-19-2012: Singer-Songwriter, Author, Politician & Social Satirist Kinky Friedman

10-12-2012: Tom Hayden on the Drug War & the Peace Movement

10-05-2012: Tova Andrea Wang and Harvey Wasserman on Voter Suppression in America

09-28-2012: Composer, Conductor, Jazz Musician, Writer & Scholar David Amram

09-21-2012: Singer-Songwriters Bob Cheevers & Noëlle Hampton and André Moran

09-14-2012: Famed Texas Civil Rights & Labor Attorney David Richards

09-07-2012: Political Analysts Glenn W. Smith & Peck Young on 2012 Presidential Elections

08-31-2012: Ethical Society's Tim Hayles, Unitarian Bonny Gardner & Eco-Troubadour Bill Oliver

08-24-2012: The Seedling Foundation and Truth Be Told: Texas Prisoner Support

08-17-2012: Authors Mike Lapham & Lynn Stout on Economic Myths & Corporate Responsibility

08-10-2012: Bruce Melton & Roger Baker on Climate Change & the Global 'Tipping Point'

08-03-2012: Leftist Journalist Jack A. Smith, Former Editor, the Guardian (U.S.)

07-27-2012: Actor & Radical Atty Brady Coleman, Jim Simons, & The Melancholy Ramblers

07-13-2012: Peace Activist Jim Turpin on the "Myth of American Exceptionalism."

07-06-2012: Legacy of La Raza Unida w/Maria Elena Martinez & Luz Bazan Gutierrez.

06-29-2012: Peruvian Social Psychologist Cristina Herencia on Indigenous Peoples.

06-22-2012: Gail & Betsy Leondar-Wright on Gay Marriage & Social Justice.

06-15-2012: American Botanical Council's Mark Blumenthal on Herbal Medicine.

06-08-2012: Texas Observer Founding Editor Ronnie Dugger.

06-01-2012: Singer/Songwriter & Peace Activist David Rovics.

05-25-2012: Psychedelic Blues Pioneer Spencer Perskin of Shiva's Headband.

05-04-2012: Chris Mooney, Author of "The Republican Brain.

04-27-2012: Theologian and Social Ethicist Gary Dorrien.

04-20-2012: David P. Hamilton & Philip L. Russell on 2012 Elections in France & Mexico.

04-13-2012: Restoration Ecologist and Environmental Activist Bill Neiman.

04-06-2012: Progressive Populist Author and Commentator Jim Hightower.

03-30-2012: Filmmaker and Chicano Activist Carlos Calbillo.

03-23-2012: Jay D. Jurie on Trayvon Martin & Roger Baker on Impact of Gas Prices.

03-16-2012: David Bacon on U.S. Policies & the Great Mexican Migration.

03-09-2012: Bobby Bridger on the Impact of Native American Culture.

03-02-2012: Music Journalist Margaret Moser and Film Actor Sonny Carl Davis.

02-24-2012: Activism and the Occupy Austin Movement.

02-17-2012: Virtuoso "Commander Cody" Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter Bill Kirchen.

02-10-2012: "Sustainability Through Salvage" w/Brad Kittel, Builder of "Tiny Texas Houses."

02-03-2012: Political Economist Gar Alperovitz, Author of America Beyond Capitalism.

01-27-2012: American Radio Revolution w/ Kim Simpson, Jan Reid, Bob Simmons.

01-20-2012: Progressive Activist Tom Hayden on Current Issues.

01-13-2012: UT Govt & International Relations Prof David Edwards.

01-06-2012: Progressive Activist and SDS Pioneer Tom Hayden.

12-30-2011: Bruce Melton on the Real World Effects of Climate Change.

12-16-2011: TX Music Hall of Fame Singer/Songwriter & Activist Eliza Gilkyson.

12-09-2011: Nonviolent Activist Val Liveoak of Peacekeeping en las Americas.

12-02-2011: NY Times Columnist Robert H. Frank, Author of The Darwin Economy.

11-18-2011: Singer/Songwriter, Author, Actor & Artist Bobby Bridger.

11-11-2011: Author and Sustainability Advocate Ellen LaConte.

11-04-2011: Inuit Explorer and Actor Ole Jorgen Hammeken & Filmmaker Marc Buriot.

10-28-2011: Singer/Songwriter & Community Activist Charlie Faye.

10-21-2011: Academic/Activist Bernardine Dohrn, former leader, Weather Underground.

10-14-2011: Scholar, Activist & Urban Theorist Mike Davis.

10-07-2011: Activist/Journalist Jonah Raskin, Author of Marijuanaland.

09-30-2011: Progressive Texas State Legislator Elliott Naishtat.

09-23-2011: Suspense Novelist David Lindsey on the Private Intelligence Industry.

09-16-2011: Legendary Houston Folksinger Don Sanders.

09-09-2011: Political Activist Carl Davidson on Mondragon and Workers' Cooperatives.

09-02-2011: Film Historian Chale Nafus of the Austin Film Society.

08-26-2011: Political Analyst Glenn W. Smith on Rick Perry & the "Texas Miracle."

08-12-2011: Bob Cheevers, TX Music Awards 2011 Singer/Songwriter of the Year.

08-05-2011: Anarchist, Community Organizer & Writer scott crow..

07-29-2011: Author & Sixties Activist Sarito Carol Neiman on "Politics and Spirituality."

07-22-2011: Sustainability Activist Scott Pittman, Founder of Permaculture Institute..

07-15-2011: Community Organizer Linda Stout, Author of Collective Visioning..

07-08-2011: Educator, Author, and Radical Activist Robert Jensen..

07-01-2011: Underground Radio Pioneer Bob Simmons..

06-24-2011: Environmental Activist Diane Wilson, Author of Eco-Outlaw..

06-17-2011: Vietnam Vet and Peace Activist Terry J. DuBose.

06-10-2011: Texas Members of Iraq Veterans Against the War .

06-03-2011: Psychologist and Populist Author Bruce E. Levine.

05-27-2011: Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Author of "Immigrants Raising Citizens".

05-20-2011: Cultural Historian Richard Pells.

05-13-2011: Artist, Musician, Actor & Comic Kerry Awn.

05-06-2011: Texas Civil Rights Pioneer Dr. Leon McNealy.

04-29-2011: Musicians Cleve and Sweet Mary Hattersley of Greezy Wheels.

04-08-2011: Musician, Author & Artist Jesse Sublett.

04-01-2011: April Fool's Special w/Satirist Paul Krassner & Filmmaker Turk Pipkin.

03-25-2011: Historian Martin Duberman & Pacifist David McReynolds.

03-18-2011: Journalist and Rock Historian Joe Nick Patoski (with musical guest Hector Saldaña).

03-11-2011: Historical Archivist Tim Hamblin on 25 Years of SXSW Music

03-04-2011: Historian John McMillian, Author of "Smoking Typewriters"

02-25-2011: Human Rights Activist Jim Rigby, Pastor, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Austin

02-18-2011: Austin Sculptor and Activist Barry George on his Trip to Palestine

02-11-2011: Media Critic & 'Free Press' Co-founder Robert W. McChesney

02-04-2011: Education Reform Activists Rick Ayers and William Ayers

01-28-2011: TX Observer Editor Bob Moser and Poet-Playwright Gregg Barrios

01-21-2011: Latina Rocker Patricia Vonne & Singer-Songwriter Gina Chavez

01-14-2011: Austin Chronicle News Editor Michael King

01-07-2011: Political Consultant and Progressive Blogger Glenn W. Smith

12-17-2010: Anti-Gentrification Activist Bo McCarver

12-10-2010: Journalist and Environmental Activist Harvey Wasserman

12-03-2010: Environmentalist Bruce Melton on Climate Science and Global Warming

11-26-2010: Mediterranean Music and Mysticism w/ Catherine Braslavsky & Joseph Rowe

11-19-2010: Author Philip Russell on The History of Mexico

11-12-2010: Screenwriter, Playwright, and Educator Sidney Brammer (Not in archives)

10-26-2010: Writer and Peace Activist Alice Embree

10-19-2010: Texas Jail Reform Activist Diana Claitor

10-12-2010: Author and Texas Music Historian Jan Reid

10-05-2010: Death Penalty & Mumia Abu-Jamal w/ Joe Dubovy & Akwasi Evans

09-28-2010: Journalist and filmmaker Danny Schechter

09-21-2010: Film actor Sonny Carl Davis

09-14-2010: New Left Leader and Underground Press Editor Jeffrey Nightbyrd

09-07-2010: Journalist, Documentary Photographer & Labor Activist David Bacon

08-31-2010: Underground Press Historian Sean Stewart

08-24-2010: Immigration Attorney Barbara Hines

08-17-2010: Filmmaker Gary Chason

08-10-2010: Satirist and Realist Editor Paul Krassner: Take Two

08-03-2010: Satirist and Realist Editor Paul Krassner: Part One

07-20-2010: Activist Carl Davidson on U.S. Social Forum

07-13-2010: Former Diplomat Col. Ann Wright on Gaza Flotilla & more

06-29-2010: Austin's Rock 'n Roll Art w/Leea Mechling and Henry Gonzalez

06-22-2010: Black Panther Robert King

06-15-2010: World Cup: Bringing the World Together

06-08-2010: Sixties Activist Bill Ayers

05-25-2010: Documentary Photographer Alan Pogue

05-18-2010: New Orleans journalist Jordan Flaherty

05-11-2010: Novelist Marc Estrin

05-04-2010: El Salvador and the Fair Trade Movement

04-27-2010: Music and Political Activism w/Barbara K & Richard Bowden

04-20-2010: Legendary armadillo artist Jim Franklin

04-13-2010: 60s Houston Counterculture w/Sherwood Bishop & Bobby Ray Eakin

03-30-2010: Author and former Yippie Jonah Raskin

03-23-2010: Community Organizer Lisa Fithian

03-16-2010: Anderson Fair: For the Sake of the Song

03-09-2010: Cartoonist and Underground Comix Artist Gilbert Shelton

02-23-2010: Underground Journalist Jim Retherford

02-16-2010: Author and 60s Activist Dick Reavis

02-09-2010: Environmental Landscaper David Mahler

02-02-2010: Talkin' Texas Observer

01-26-2010: Author and Adventurer Tom Miller

01-19-2010: Singer-Songwriter Vince Bell

01-12-2010: Trial Judge, Cherokee Indian and 60s activist Steve Russell

01-05-2010: Arts Advocate and Gay Activist Jeff Jones

12-29-2009: Progressive Organizer Carl Davidson

12-22-2009: Environmental and Peace Activist Alyssa Burgin

12-15-2009: The Politics of Water with Bill Bunch

12-08-2009: Remembering Molly Ivins w/Bill Minutaglio and Kaye Northcott

12-01-2009: Filmmaker Turk Pipkin

11-24-2009: Rock Journalist Margaret Moser

11-17-2009: Economics and the Global Economy

11-10-2009: Journalism Professor Mercedes Lynn de Uriarte

11-03-2009: The Poetry of Mariann Wizard and Larry Piltz

10-27-2009: Transportation, Growth & the Environment

10-20-2009: Criminal Justice, the Death Penalty, and Texas Politics

10-13-2009: Health Care Reform w/Rev. Jim Rigby & Jesse Romero

10-06-2009: Journalist Larry Ray

09-29-2009: The Rag & the Underground Press

Thorne Dreyer's guest on Rag Radio this Friday will be Dr. Leon McNealy. Dr. McNealy, a radiation oncologist now living in Wisconsin, was heavily involved in the early civil rights movement in Houston and Austin -- including the "stand-ins" and other direct action against segregation in Austin in the early 1960's. McNealy is highly entertaining and a fount of rich and little-known history. Friday, May 6, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Thorne Dreyes guests on Rag Radio Friday will be musicians Cleve and Sweet Mary Hattersley of Austins historic Greezy Wheels. Greezy Wheels was a pioneer in the progressive country genre and served as the unofficial house band at the Armadillo World Headquarters in the '70s. They will discuss Austin music history, the controversy at KUT and the changing face of radio, and will perform live during the show. Friday, 4/29, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Thorne Dreyer's guest on Rag Radio this Friday is Austin musician, author, and artist Jesse Sublett. Jesse's pioneering punk band, The Skunks, is in the Austin Music Hall of Fame. Jesse Sublett's 2004 memoir is Never the Same Again: A Rock and Roll Gothic, and his mystery novels feature a bass-playing sleuth named Martin Fender. Jesse will perform during the show. Friday, 4/8, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Legendary satirist, stand-up comic, and political activist Paul Krassner joins Thorne Dreyer Friday on Rag Radio for an April Fool's Special. Krassner, former editor of The Realist and a founder of the Yippies, makes his third appearance on Rag Radio. Also: writer, actor, and filmmaker Turk Pipkin will discuss his documentary Building Hope -- winner of the Lone Star Audience award at SXSW -- that premieres April 6 at the Paramount in Austin. Friday, 4/1, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Acclaimed journalist, author, and rock historian Joe Nick Patoski will be Thorne Dreyers guest on Rag Radio this Friday. Patoski has written about Willie Nelson, Selena, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and about Texas geography and nature. He is working on a cultural history of the Dallas Cowboys. The SXSW-related show will include live performance by Hector Saldaa of San Antonio's The Krayolas. Friday, 3/18, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM.

Thorne Dreyers guests on Rag Radio Friday will be Martin Duberman and David McReynolds. Duberman, known as the father of gay studies, is a historian and author of the critically-acclaimed book, A Saving Remnant: The Radical Lives of Barbara Deming and David McReynolds. McReynolds, who is openly gay, has been a leader in the pacifist movement for five decades. The former chairman of War Resisters International, McReynolds was twice the Socialist Partys candidate for president. Friday, 3/25, 2:00 - 3:00 PM.

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