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Community Radio for Austin, TX
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KOOP ends Fall Membership Drive early
Oct 25, 2009 3:42 pm

KOOP Fall 2009 Pledge Drive

KOOP Radio 91.7 FM ended its fall membership drive early on Sunday, September 13th reaching its goal of $50,000 almost a full day ahead of schedule. KOOP wishes to thank all of its individual and business supporters for keeping community voices alive and well on the Austin air waves. This extraordinary support from the Austin community comes on the heels of several KOOP DJs receiving "Best of" awards from the Austin Chronicle. The awards include:

  • Best Saturday Night Date to KOOPs Mascot Wedding Show, airing Saturdays 6:00 7:00pm;
  • Best Disembodied Voice With the Snarkiest Radio Cohorts to Outcast, airing Tuesdays 6:00 7:00pm;
  • Best On-Air Mayor of East Austin to Isidoro Lopez, Fiesta Musical, airing Fridays 9:00 11:00am.
Earlier this summer, another KOOP DJ, Donnelle McKaskle, Celtic Storm, received a commendation from the US House of Representatives for her leadership and commitment to Texas Irish-American Community and her work for the Celtic Cultural Society. Celtic Storm airs on Monday mornings from 9:00 11:00am. KOOP Radio provides high quality, innovative and diverse programming with an emphasis on those communities that are under-served or ignored by mainstream media. KOOP is Austins community-owned, community-operated public radio station and has been broadcasting at 91.7 FM since 1994.

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