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<p>On Air Highlights</p>

People United presents Jessica Gordon Nembhard on the history of African American cooperatives, Friday, December 26th, at 1 pm

Fri, 2014/12/26 - 1:00pm

People United features political economist Jessica Gordon Nembhard talking with Carlos Pérez de Alejo of Cooperation Texas about her book Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice.

Eliot Tretter on Environmentalists, Business Leaders, & Downtown Austin

Fri, 2018/07/20 - 1:00pm

People United features geographer Eliot Tretter on the struggle between environmental activists and the business community in Austin and its consequent impact on the development of the city's downtown.

Listen to an archive of this program here.

Rag Radio features Philip Russell and Johnny Hazard on the dramatic events in Mexico

Fri, 2014/12/12 - 2:00pm

Thorne Dreyer's guests on Rag Radio are historian Philip L. Russell, author of the textbook, The History of Mexico: From Pre-Conquest to Present, and Johnny Hazard, Rag Blog Mexico City correspondent.

Enjoy the holiday sounds of the HT Elite Combo!

Mon, 2014/12/08 - 7:00pm

This week on What's Your Status,

Makalah kicks off her two week Christmas party! The fantastic HT Elite Combo from Houston Tillotson University joins her to perform some holiday favoritesand talk about band life! Be sure to grab a blanket, snuggle up with some hot cocoa, and open that fireplace tab!


People United features Fred L. McGhee on Austin's Montopolis neighborhood, Friday at 1 pm

Fri, 2014/12/12 - 1:00pm

People United features historical anthropologist and community activist Fred L. McGhee on his book Austin's Montopolis Neigborhood.

Bundle up for a wintry mix!

Fri, 2014/12/12 - 4:30pm

It may not yet feel like it here in Austin, but winter is fast approaching—and there’s no nation better situated to sing about it than Canada.

Ferguson and [email protected]

Mon, 2014/12/01 - 6:15pm

Tune into What's Your Status at 7p.m. to hear Makalah's commentary on Ferguson and national protestors. Later in the hour, she's joined by Tripi Shrivistava and Campbell Erickson of [email protected] to talk about the upcoming conference - (In)visible  

JD Wilkes, frontman of The Legendary Shack Shakers, will be calling in to The Last Round Up on Friday 12/5.

Fri, 2014/12/05 - 3:30pm

JD Wilkes (who Jello Biafra calls the “the last great Rock and Roll frontman”) phones in from the road to talk about the tour & their upcoming appearance at Red 7.

People United presents Pamela J. Olson on Fast Times in Palestine, This Friday at 1 pm

Fri, 2014/12/05 - 1:00pm

People United features Pamela J. Olson on her memoir Fast Times in Palestine: A Love Affair with a Homeless Homeland, an American's account of her two years living in Ramallah.

Tejano Star Patsy Torres to Visit Rancho Alegre, Mon. 12/1

Mon, 2014/12/01 - 9:00am

Rancho Alegre welcomes special guest Patsy Torres to the studio! We'll be spinning some of her favorite tunes and getting to know the lady herself. Don't miss this one! Mon. 12/1, 9-10am.


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