2017 Historically Significant Cultural and Ethnic Celebration Events

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2017 Historically Significant Cultural and Ethnic Celebration Events

Sunday 12/31, 11:30am

As part of the Community Council's efforts to promote Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity on behalf of KOOP Radio throughout the KOOP community, the following 2017 Annual Monthly Celebration Calendar events is as follows. The list below includes the name of the liaison responsible for organizing KOOP's participation in each event. You can contact them for more information using the Community Council email address.

  1. Martin Luther King Jr., January 16 (Roscoe Overton)
  2. Lunar New Year (aka Asian Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year) (first day of the first lunar month of  Lunar Calendar), January 30 (Alan Pogue)
  3. World Radio Day, February 13 (Steven Polunsky)
  4. International Women’s Day, March 6 (Patricia Hagen)
  5. Earth Day, April 17 (Gilka Cespedes)
  6. Cinco de Mayo, May 1 (Shane Ford)
  7. Juneteenth, June 19 (Pedro Gatos)
  8. Stonewall & LGBT Rights, June 26 (Greg Ciotti)
  9. Americans with Disabilities Act, July 24 (April Sullivan)
  10. Diez y Seis, September 11 (Susan Slattery)
  11. Indian Pow Wow, October 30 (Anya Dishon)

Recognizing these events evidences our commitment to cultural sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion, as well promoting an appreciation of significant historical events and the local connections.