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Friday 6/22, 1:00pm

People United features Elvia Arriola of Women on the Border, Mexican American & Latino/a Studies faculty Karma Chávez and C. J. Alvarez of the University of Texas at Austin, and lesbian Guatemalan refugee Sulma Franco (with interpreter Elaine Cohen) on borders, sanctuary and immigration politics.  (They spoke on January 24, 2017, but their...

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33 1/3 In On The Kill Taker
Friday 6/22, 3:30pm

Author Joe Gross will be stopping by to talk about Fugazi's "In On The Kill Taker" and you'll be hearing nothing but songs off the album.

Saturday 6/23, 3:00pm

The Singer and the Song welcomes legendary Texas artist, John Inmon. John is one of Texas' most soulful guitarists, whose work has added great depth to the recordings of Jimmy LaFave, Jerry Jeff Walker, and the historic Lost Gonzo Band. But beyond all that, John is a fine songwriter and artist in his own right, as you will hear when he performs live for us the whole hour on KOOP 91.7 FM and ...

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Tuesday 6/26, 2:30pm

Greg Ciotti speaks with artists Gary Floyd (formerly of legendary punk band The Dicks) and Carlos Lowry. Host Ciotti says of Gary Floyd: "Only after reading Gary's book, Please Bee Nice, My Life Up Till Now that I better understood this unique individual described as 'mentor...maverick...(and) punk Buddah.' "

Please bee nice by listening to The Community Pilot Show airing live...

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