KOOP Birthday
Saturday 12/17, 7:00pm

Austin’s independent radio institution is having a birthday blowout, a KOOP BLOWOUT with THREE LEGENDS of Austin music! Every day, KOOP Radio brings you great programming of all types, and now that we’re entrenched in Austin pop culture history, we want to share some of it at our own party. 

We have rounded up three musical acts that made Austin great, and all three will perform at our...

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Photo of ROCO guests from World Radio Day at KOOP 2014
Saturday 12/31, 8:00am

The KOOP Community Council has announced the 2016 historically significant cultural and ethnic celebration events that will each get special emphasis throughout the KOOP day.

1. Martin Luther King, Jr., January 18
2. Lunar New Year (aka Asian Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year) (first day of the first lunar month of  Lunar Calendar), February 8
3. World Radio Day, February...

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Saturday 12/31, 12:00pm

KOOP Radio switched over to solar power on March 10, 2016 at high noon in Austin, Texas.  After many volunteer hours and generous equipment contributions, the KOOP broadcasting studio received its first solar electrons!  Several local and international companies collaborated to donate all the solar equipment and the labor required for the solar power system.  We send out a big thanks to: ...

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