Silver Mic Awards

Silver Mic Awards

Saturday 1/6, 11:15am

The results are in for KOOP's Silver Mic Awards! This is an annual honor bestowed upon KOOP programmers by their peers, making it extra special.  

Best News & Public Affairs Program:  Mark Rashap, "Another Bottle Down"

Best Music Program: Leah Manners, "Hip Hop Hooray; Jay Robillard, "The Lounge Show"

Keeping Austin Angry:  Chris Zozaski, "The Last Roundup"         

Best Fake News:  Felix Roberts (aka T.J. Masters), "TRUTH Radio Hour" (on the Community Pilot Show)

Best Community Service—Black Clothing Comfortability Index: Sunil Khanna and Joey V, "Darkest Before Dawn"

Lifetime Achievement Award: Gilka Cespedes, "The Andean Hour"; Tom Mahnke, "Fais Do Do"