Throwback Thursday: The Original KOOP Studio

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Throwback Thursday: The Original KOOP Studio

Tuesday 1/2, 4:00pm

"Here's a picture of the original KOOP office (2nd floor) and studio (ground floor and to the right as you entered). It was located on the east side of San Jacinto between 5th and 6th Streets. We were there for the first year and a half, and then (1996?) moved into the adjacent building (yellow brick) just around the corner on 5th St. The entire block is now the Weston building. I think I took this picture right after the second fire destroyed most of the adjacent building in February 2006. An interesting footnote: the owner of the buildings was the guy that Dick Cheney accidentally shot while duck hunting in Texas."

- Scott Gardner, KOOP Stronger Than Dirt #tbt

Original KOOP Studio