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Fri 1/26/2018 1:00 pm

People United features community organizer Lisa Fithian on the role of nonviolent civil disobedience in movements for change.

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Fri 1/19/2018 3:30 pm

Jon Langford (of The Mekons / The Three Johns / The Waco Brothers / Four Lost Souls) calls in with his Track Of The Month.

Fri 1/19/2018 1:00 pm

People United presents coverage of a panel discussion on CodeNEXT, the proposed revision to the City of Austin's Land Development Code, in the context of gentrification and displacement on the city's east side.  Austin American-Statesman columnist Alberta Phillips moderated, and the panelists included (l-r) Fred McGhee, Susana Almanza, Eric Tang, Jane Rivera, and Carmen Llanes Pulido.  They spoke on September 9, 2017, at the headquarters of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 520.

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Fri 1/12/2018 1:00 pm

People United features the second in a two-part episode with Fred L. McGhee on his book The Black Crop: Slavery and Slave Trading in Nineteenth Century Texas.

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Wed 1/10/2018 3:15 pm

“Thanks for all the great music. It really is therapy.” When I first read this note from a very loyal donor, I thought, “How nice, we all need a little therapy once in a while!” But the more I got to know this wonderful woman, the better I understood what she was saying.

Maida has what she calls a “36 hour a day” job. You see, she is the primary caregiver to her sweet husband Jody. So when she says the music she hears on KOOP Radio is therapeutic, she truly means it. She tries to take a break during her favorite morning programs, so she can indulge in the healing properties of... Read more

Tue 1/9/2018 10:45 am


Favorite music releases in no particular order, unless otherwise noted

The Swinger - Bangers & Mush
1. The Rolling Stones - On Air: Live From the BBC 1963-65 (Abkco/BBC)
2. The Yardbirds - Live at the BBC ( Repertoire)
3. Chris Farlowe - Live at the BBC ( Repertoire)
4. James Royal - Call My Name: Selected Recordings 1964-70 (RPM)
5. The Ravens - Ravensize Session: The Pre-Kinks Regent Studio Demos (R&B Records)
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Mon 1/8/2018 3:45 pm

By Martha Louise Hunter

Katie Vitale has been host of Issues for Your Tissues since 2006 and is the current KOOP Board of Directors President.

Did you have any previous radio experience, or has KOOP been a new journey for you?

A wholly new journey. Nowhere else would I have been able to walk in with no experience, get trained, pitch a show... Read more

Mon 1/8/2018 1:30 pm

KOOP’s series Boots On The Air continues Monday, January 8 at 1:30pm CDT (1330 hrs). The January theme is Scams Run on Veterans and How to Not Be a Victim. Our guests know all about scams and will offer guidance against them and how to recover if you do get scammed.

If you are a US military veteran, this program is for you. Join former Army First Sergeant Perry Jefferies, former Army Specialist 4 Michael A. Brown, and KOOP’s Greg Ciotti for veterans news and good conversations with people and organizations dedicated to veterans’ well-being. Tune to 91.7 FM in Austin, worldwide at ... Read more

Sun 1/7/2018 3:30 pm

Mark Rashap's KOOP radio show "Another Bottle Down" won the Austin Food & Wine Alliance's honorable mention at its annual awards ceremony on February 7. Every year, the Alliance recognizes Austin culinary innovators and donates to local food businesses and non-profits.

"Another Bottle Down" airs at 1 p.m. Tuesdays on 91.7 FM.

Sat 1/6/2018 4:00 pm

"Here's a picture of the original KOOP office (2nd floor) and studio (ground floor and to the right as you entered). It was located on the east side of San Jacinto between 5th and 6th Streets. We were there for the first year and a half, and then (1996?) moved into the adjacent building (yellow brick) just around the corner on 5th St. The entire block is now the Weston building. I think I took this picture right after the second fire destroyed most of the adjacent building in February 2006. An interesting footnote: the owner of the buildings was the guy that Dick Cheney accidentally shot... Read more