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Community Council

The Community Council is an elected council that is made up of KOOP programmers, volunteers and community members, mandated by the bylaws of KOOP Radio to advise the Board of Directors and support both community outreach and development of KOOP policies. Comprised of 16 members, two distinct groups elect 8 members each to the Council: 1) Individual/Business Supporter, Volunteer Members; and 2) Community Organization Members.

Contact the Community Council

Become a KOOP Community Organization Member

Why become a community organization member of KOOP Radio?

  1. Announcements about your organization’s meeting or event could be mentioned on KOOP radio. There is a Community Calendar segment on the Community Council’s weekly community outreach program. And other KOOP programmers may mention these as well, if relevant to their programming.
  2. Your organization could be featured on the Community Council’s radio program. This is an excellent opportunity to let listeners know more about your work and goals, and to get this message out to a wider audience.
  3. Last year, KOOP aired nearly 2,000 free public service announcements. Was your organization mentioned? Get involved with KOOP Community Radio!
  4. Should your organization become a member of the KOOP community (free), you will have a vote on issues that are decided by our membership. Your input is important to us!
  5. Your organization may become a member of the Community Council. There are eight seats reserved for community organizations; elections are held annually.

Printable Information: Community Organization Membership Form | About KOOP Community Radio

Community Council Mission Statement

The KOOP Community Council mission, in addition to our advisory capacity to the KOOP board of directors, and consistent with the KOOP mission statement, is to serve the underserved in the community and to provide outreach services to the community at large in order to connect the community with KOOP Radio. At the same time we are committed to providing an avenue for promoting a participatory, positive, healthy and professional work environment throughout the station, which should help KOOP become the premiere example of Community Radio in the nation.

Community Council Members

Individual/Business Supporter, Volunteer Members

  • Erin Cornett (2014-10) - Co-Chair
  • Alan Pogue (2014-10) - Secretary
  • Pedro Gatos (2014-10) - Co-Chair
  • Susan Slattery (2014-10)
  • Open (2013-10)
  • Open (2014-10)
  • Open (2013-10)
  • Open (2013-10)

Community Organization Members

  • Roscoe Overton (2014-10)
  • Alan Pogue (2014-10)
  • Open (2014-10)
  • Open (2013-10)
  • Open (2014-10)
  • Open (2013-10)
  • Open (2014-10)
  • Open (2013-10)

Community Organizations may contact the Community Council to become a member - there is no cost.

[Note: (YYYY-MM) is when the seat's term expires.]

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