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Community Radio for Austin, TX
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Windows Media Player - MP3 / AAC+
iTunes and Winamp - MP3 / AAC+
iPhones/Android - MP3 / AAC+
Andorid/Others - MP3 / AAC+

MP3: 64 kbps stereo (View Current Status)
AAC: 48 kbps stereo (View Current Status)

Due to licensing issues and exhorbitant costs we are not yet pod-casting. However, you are free to use streaming recorders so you can listen later. We listed a few below in the help section.


Perhaps this information will help you if you are having problems hearing KOOP's stream:

Windows: Windows Media Player; Alternatives include MediaMonkey, Core Media Player, Winamp, and many other streaming players. Record our stream with TapInRadio, Aktiv MP3 Recorder, or Screamer Radio.

Mac: HowTo for iTunes. Or, several other options.

Linux: VLC Media Player

iPhones: (you won't have problems; it just works, right?!?) Open it in the iTunes app. It also works in the TuneIn app (in the app, search for KOOP Austin to find the stream).

Android: If something doesn't automatically open for you (somewhat likelier in early Androids) you may have to enter the links above into your favorite streaming app. The TuneIn app works with KOOP's stream among others (just search KOOP Austin in the app to find both streams).

Sonos 3: Uses the TuneIn app (in the app, search for KOOP Austin to find both streams).

KOOP, as a KOOPerative, promotes community-supported open source software. Make suggestions to our info to help other listeners - let us know.

Stream Info

KOOP currently streams using the MP3 and AACplus formats. Our MP3 stream is 64kbps MP3 stereo; Our AACplus is 48kbps HE-AAC v2 stereo.

Our playlists above have been constructed to the respective specifications and tested on the various operating systems and platforms to achieve the best possible results.

Because we stream on non-standard ports (8508 and 8534) instead of the standard web ports (80 and 443), some restrictive firewall rules (especially those used by larger businesses and corporations) can block your ability to reach our stream.

KOOP broadcasts online almost 24x7x365. We have has some internet-only shows streamed during our off-air hours, and then we stream KOOP Overnight, a selection of music hand-picked by our DJs for your listening pleasure. See the KOOP Schedule for more details.


If you continue to have problems after trying all of these links, please contact the webmasters (provide details about your operating system/version, software/version, and any error messages to help us help you better).

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