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Adventures in Sound is a free-form show that explores music spanning more than 120 years of recorded sound.

Every Saturday for more than ten years, Dennis Campa has highlighted a variety of music from his collection of 15,000 plus records and cd's. 

Among the sounds you may hear: century old recordings by noted vaudevillians; musical oddities only found in thrift stores; vintage blues & jazz sides; and records made by movie and television stars.

Over the last several years, many local bands have appeared live on this show.  Among the noted musicians who've played live on Adventures in Sound are: Wino Vino, Aunt Ruby's Sweet Jazz Babies, Urban Achievers Brass Band, Bruce Salmon, The Cats and the Canary, Yes Ma'am Brass Band and many more!

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More play lists from the last several years can be found here:

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Adventures in Sound

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Billy Murray

I'll See You in C-U-B-A


Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:56 pm Album | Track

Billy Murray

The Alcoholic Blues


Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:49 pm Album | Track

Aileen Stanley

Keep Your Skirts Down Mary Ann

78 rpm

Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:44 pm Album | Track

Billy Murray

Roll 'em Girls

78 rpm

Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:41 pm Album | Track

Ada Jones

When Frances Dances with Me


Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:39 pm Album | Track

Billy Murray

They Start the Victrola and Go Dancing Around the Room

78 rpm

Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:36 pm Album | Track

Haydn Quartet

Waltz Me Around Again Willie


Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:31 pm Album | Track

Ada Jones

Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine


Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:28 pm Album | Track

Billy Murray



Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:25 pm Album | Track

Billy Murray

Gasoline Gus and His Jitney Bus

78 rpm

Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:19 pm Album | Track

Heidelberg Quintet

By the Beautiful Sea

Floating Down the River

Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:17 pm Album | Track

Billy Murray

K-K-K-Katy (Stammering Song)


Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:14 pm Album | Track

Billy Murray

The 20th Century Rag

78 rpm

Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:07 pm Album | Track

The American Quartet

The Ragtime Violin

78 rpm

Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:05 pm Album | Track

Billy Murray

American Ragtime

78 rpm

Sat, 5/20/17 - 6:02 pm Album | Track

Gilbert and Sullivan Austin

He is an English Man

H.M.S. Pinafore

Sat, 4/29/17 - 6:53 pm Album | Track

Gilber and Sullivan Austin

All is Prepar'd; Your Gallant Crew Await You

The Pirates of Penzance

Sat, 4/29/17 - 6:41 pm Album | Track

Spikes Jones and His City Slickers

Rhapsody From Hunger(y)

Musical Deprecation Revue

Sat, 4/29/17 - 6:31 pm Album | Track


Operatic Rag

The Real Sound of Ragtime

Sat, 4/29/17 - 6:28 pm Album | Track

Sir Arthur Sullivan

October 5, 1888

The First Recorded Sounds

Sat, 4/29/17 - 6:27 pm Album | Track


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