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Adventures in Sound is a free-form show that explores music spanning more than 120 years of recorded sound.

Every Saturday for more than ten years, Dennis Campa has highlighted a variety of music from his collection of 15,000 plus records and cd's. 

Among the sounds you may hear: century old recordings by noted vaudevillians; musical oddities only found in thrift stores; vintage blues & jazz sides; and records made by movie and television stars.

Over the last several years, many local bands have appeared live on this show.  Among the noted musicians who've played live on Adventures in Sound are: Wino Vino, Aunt Ruby's Sweet Jazz Babies, Urban Achievers Brass Band, Bruce Salmon, The Cats and the Canary, Yes Ma'am Brass Band and many more!

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More play lists from the last several years can be found here:

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Adventures in Sound

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Billy Murray

He's Working in the Movies Now

78 rpm

Sat, 4/8/17 - 6:13 pm Album | Track

Mary Pickford

Hollywood Museum Dedication

America's Sweetheart

Sat, 4/8/17 - 6:09 pm Album | Track

Irving Kaufman

Take Your Girlie to the Movies

The Last Recording Pioneer

Sat, 4/8/17 - 6:04 pm Album | Track

Byron G. Harlan

Let's Go to a PIcture Show

78 rpm

Sat, 4/8/17 - 6:02 pm Album | Track

The California Poppy Pickersr

Get Back

Today's Chart Busters

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:52 pm Album | Track

King's Road

Those Were the Days

Today's Pops

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:47 pm Album | Track

Jalopy Five

We Can Work It Out

45 rpm

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:43 pm Album | Track

Jalopy Five


45 rpm

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:40 pm Album | Track

Dick Martin

Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh!

45 rpm

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:38 pm Album | Track

The California Poppy Pickers

Ballad of John and Yoko

Today's Pops

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:33 pm Album | Track

King's Road

Kentucky Woman

Today's Pops

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:28 pm Album | Track

The California Poppy Pickers

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Today's Chart Busters

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:25 pm Album | Track

The Chellows

Candy Girl

45 rpm

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:21 pm Album | Track

King's Road

Chewy Chewy

Today's Pops

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:18 pm Album | Track

Connie Dee

My Boy Lollipop

45 rpm

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:16 pm Album | Track

The Buchanans

Kind of a Drag

45 rpm

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:10 pm Album | Track

Sammy Fox

The Monkey Time

45 rpm

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:07 pm Album | Track

The Cords

Over and Over

45 rpm

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:05 pm Album | Track

The Liverpools

Please Please Me

Beatle Mania! In The U.S.A.

Sat, 4/1/17 - 6:01 pm Album | Track

Chuck Berry

My Dream

Chess Box

Sat, 3/25/17 - 6:53 pm Album | Track


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