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Popular Music from the era of the great composers, songwriters and singers, that gave us the rich legacy of The American Songbook.

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American Pop

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Frank SInatra

You Make Me Feel So Young

songs for swingin lovers

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:41 pm Album | Track

Fran Allison

Too Young


Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:38 pm Album | Track

Burr Tillson

Am I Getting Through To You

Songs By Kukla Fran And Ollie

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:31 pm Album | Track

Harry Nilsson

Everybody's Talkin

Best Of harry Nilsson

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:28 pm Album | Track

Ella Fitzgerald

Happy Talk


Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:26 pm Album | Track

Burr Tillstrom and Fran Allison

Tooie Talk

Songs By Kukla Fran and Ollie

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:23 pm Album | Track

Nat King Cole

I'll String Along With You

King Cole Trio

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:16 pm Album | Track

Johny Mathis

No Strings

Tender Is The Night

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:13 pm Album | Track

Irene Date

I've Got No Strings

Zip a dee doo dah

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:11 pm Album | Track

Fred Astaire

No Strings

Starring Fred Astaire

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:08 pm Album | Track

Burr Tillstrom

Here We Are

Kukla Fran and Ollie

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:03 pm Album | Track

Ames Brothers

Destination Moon

Best Of The Ames Brothers

Thu, 10/12/17 - 4:00 pm Album | Track

June Allyson

Thou Swell

Words And Music

Thu, 10/5/17 - 4:56 pm Album | Track

Jimmie Lunceford & his Orchestra

The Merry Go Round Broke Down


Thu, 10/5/17 - 4:53 pm Album | Track

Lena Horne

Why Was I Born

Till The Clouds Roll By

Thu, 10/5/17 - 4:49 pm Album | Track

Fred Astaire

By Myself

The Band Wagon (Music from the Original Motion Picture)

Thu, 10/5/17 - 4:47 pm Album | Track

Mel Torme

Blue Moon

Words And Music

Thu, 10/5/17 - 4:44 pm Album | Track

June Allyson

Just Imagine

Good News

Thu, 10/5/17 - 4:41 pm Album | Track

Fats Domino

When My Dreamboat Comes Home

Single Release

Thu, 10/5/17 - 4:37 pm Album | Track

Doris Day

Love Me Or Leave Me

Love Me or Leave Me

Thu, 10/5/17 - 4:33 pm Album | Track


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