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The Andean Hour (La Hora Andina) features the musical traditions of the Andean countries - Bolivia, Peru - Ecuador, and parts of Chile and Argentina. It focuses on past and contemporary artists, as well as on the regional and local genres of both rural and city traditions. It explores the musical heritage of the indigenous Aymara and Quechua, the music of traditional festivals, and the immense diversity of song and dance forms, instruments, and voices from the Andes. In any Andean Hour, the listener may hear fragments from a Colonial period Mass sung in Quechua, the virtuoso charango player Ernesto Cavour, and panpipe ensembles from the Andean Highlands, as well as prestigious groups such as Kjarkas, Savia Andina, and much, much more. In this program, new and old are blended in an exciting musical adventure!

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Andean Hour

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Pirai Vaca


Aires Indios de Bolivia

Tue, 8/12/14 - 12:00 pm Album | Track

ñanda Mañachi


Ecuador: Jatun Cayambe

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:57 pm Album | Track

Ruffo y Vladi


Ruffo y Vladi: El Alma de Norte Potosí

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:52 pm Album | Track

Emma Junaro

De Regreso

The Tough GGuide to the Music of the Andes: Bolivia

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:46 pm Album | Track

Luceros del Alma

Chapaco Soy

Cuecas Bolivianas

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:43 pm Album | Track

Traditional : Provincia Andrés Ibañez

Carnaval Grande

Musica Folklorica de las 15 Provincias De Santa Cruz

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:40 pm Album | Track

Orquesta de instrumentos Andinos

Si tu me Olvidas

Festejos/ La Fiesta de la Musica del Ecuador

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:33 pm Album | Track

Joaquin Guandinango

Jalima (musica nupcial) ritmo Raimi b

Musica de Ecuador

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:25 pm Album | Track

Cañar Manta


Musica de Ecuado

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:22 pm Album | Track

Los Chagras

El Curuchupa

Musica de Ecuador

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:18 pm Album | Track

Vicente Reyes


Musica Ecuatoriana

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:15 pm Album | Track

Khory Huayras

Linda Paceñita

Sentimiento y FolkloreKory Huayras

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:12 pm Album | Track

Entiqueta Ulloa

Viva mi Patria Bolivia

A Bolivia

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:09 pm Album | Track



Lo Mejor de Bolivia Vol.1

Tue, 8/5/14 - 12:03 pm Album | Track

Ernesto Cavour y su Conjunto

Inventos de Cavour

Ernesto Cavour y su Conjunto

Tue, 7/15/14 - 12:56 pm Album | Track

Conjunto Autoctono Sikuris Mallkus de Taipi Ayca- Italaque


Conjunto Autocotno Sikuria Mallkus de Taipi-Ayca - Italaque

Tue, 7/15/14 - 12:51 pm Album | Track

Brass Band

Majeños - Pasacalle

Festival of the Andes

Tue, 7/15/14 - 12:47 pm Album | Track

Chuma Qhantati


Nuestros 25 años

Tue, 7/15/14 - 12:44 pm Album | Track

Banda del Estado Mayor

Kjunskiwa (Nevando Está"

Homenaje a una Generacion Histórica -Jenny Cárdenas

Tue, 7/15/14 - 12:41 pm Album | Track

Conjunto "San Carlos del Cuzco"

Qhapaq Negros

Traditional Misoc of Peru 1

Tue, 7/15/14 - 12:38 pm Album | Track


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