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Hosts - Charlie Martin, Kim Simpson, Rob Carter, Lorrie Flowers, Eric Hungate
Email - [email protected]
Time - Thursdays, Noon to 1pm

Digging deeper into Austin music - Since its inception some decades ago, this three-time winner of KOOP's Silver Mic Award for "Most Austin" Show has spanned the full breadth of work by Austin area musicians past and present, exposing during this period more genres, artists, and fields of musical endeavor from the Austin area than any other weekly radio show anywhere.


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Austin musicians are invited to submit their music - new or old - to Around the Town Sounds for airplay consideration.

Send to:
Charlie Martin
KOOP Radio
PO Box 4089
Austin TX 78705-4089

Or contact us via email: [email protected]

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Around the Town Sounds

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending


The Turtle

Nuestro Camino

Thu, 4/5/18 - 7:54 pm Album | Track

Rosie Flores

Love Must Have Passed Me By

Working Girl's Guitar

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:51 pm Album | Track

Darden Smith

Til It Bled


Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:47 pm Album | Track

Mandy Rowden

Haunt You

These Bad Habits

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:43 pm Album | Track

Shawnee Kilgore

Big Damn Hurry

A Long & Precious Road

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:38 pm Album | Track

Eric Johnson

One Rainy Wish


Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:33 pm Album | Track

Kat Edmonson


The Big Picture

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:29 pm Album | Track

Shannon McNally

Pale Moon

Putumayo Presents: Americana

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:24 pm Album | Track

Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison

Dirty Work

All ALX Vol. 5 Back to the Armadillo

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:21 pm Album | Track

Mark Viator & Susan Maxey

I Would Change My Life

These Arms

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:16 pm Album | Track

Lucinda Williams

Wrong Number

Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:11 pm Album | Track

Terry Klein

Dull Women Keep Immaculate Homes

Great Northern

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:07 pm Album | Track

Terry Mills

We're Related

Man Behind the Curtain

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:05 pm Album | Track

DC Bloom

South Buy

Just Another Song and Dance Man

Thu, 4/5/18 - 5:00 pm Album | Track


The Turtle

Nuestro Camino

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:55 pm Album | Track

Gurf Morlix

Move Someone

The Soul & The Heal

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:50 pm Album | Track

Ali Holder

The Only Thing

In Preparation for Saturn's Return

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:46 pm Album | Track

Wilson Marks

Traveling Song


Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:39 pm Album | Track

Aaron Huff

The Scissortail

Before the Ink Dries

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:37 pm Album | Track

Marshall Anderson


Beautiful Infinite Wonderful

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:33 pm Album | Track


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