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?page=schedule?page=scheduleMusic and armadillos are both found in abundance here in South Central Texas. Click here for other photo-pair similes of armadillos with the guitar/oud/lute family, where you'll see that their linkage can be more than just imagination!

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Hosts - Charlie Martin, Kim Simpson
email - aroundthetownsounds at koop dot org

THE SKINNY ON AROUND THE TOWN SOUNDS - Digging deeper into Austin music - Since its inception some dozen years ago, this three-time winner of KOOP's Silver Mic Award for "Most Austin" Show has spanned the full breadth of work by Austin area musicians past and present, exposing during this period more genres, artists, and fields of musical endeavor from the Austin area than any other weekly radio show anywhere.

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Around the Town Sounds

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The Turtle

Nuestro Camino

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:55 pm Album | Track

Gurf Morlix

Move Someone

The Soul & The Heal

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:50 pm Album | Track

Ali Holder

The Only Thing

In Preparation for Saturn's Return

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:46 pm Album | Track

Wilson Marks

Traveling Song


Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:39 pm Album | Track

Aaron Huff

The Scissortail

Before the Ink Dries

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:37 pm Album | Track

Marshall Anderson


Beautiful Infinite Wonderful

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:33 pm Album | Track

Darden Smith

Stop Talking

Deep Fantastic Blue

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:27 pm Album | Track

Kat Edmonson

You Said Enough

The Big Picture

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:24 pm Album | Track


You're Too Much For Me

Shaver's Jewels

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:21 pm Album | Track

Stephen Doster

Love Like Summertime

New Black Suit

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:16 pm Album | Track

Slaid Cleaves

Already Gone

Ghost on the Car Radio

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:13 pm Album | Track

Sean Morales

Video Life

Call It In

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:10 pm Album | Track

Ronnie Lane/Pete Townsend

Heart to Hang Onto

Rough Mix

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:04 pm Album | Track

Buddy Miles

Them Changes

Them Changes

Thu, 2/22/18 - 6:01 pm Album | Track


The Turtle

Nuestro Camino

Thu, 2/1/18 - 6:54 pm Album | Track


First Caress

Hot Thoughts

Thu, 2/1/18 - 6:51 pm Album | Track

Eric Gerber

Think About You

Eric Gerber Three

Thu, 2/1/18 - 6:45 pm Album | Track

Terri Hendrix

Feel the Time

Love You Strong

Thu, 2/1/18 - 6:40 pm Album | Track

Sarah Pierce



Thu, 2/1/18 - 6:33 pm Album | Track

Jeff Talmadge

Girl of the North Country

At Least That Much Was True

Thu, 2/1/18 - 6:29 pm Album | Track


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