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Off the Beatle Path takes you onto the musical roads less-traveled by former Beatles and Beatle-inspired artists of every kind. Lifelong record collector and music journalist Rush Evans digs deep into the world of the Beatles (and his own massive collection of Beatle-related rarities), which reaches far beyond that group’s own output in the sixties. Every week, listen to rare tracks from the solo work of each of the former Beatles, along with a diverse array of artists from every genre covering Beatles songs. Other Beatle-related rarities will surface, including records from the Apple label and music inspired directly by the Beatles. A splendid time. Guaranteed.

Please contact the show with comments, requests, and random Beatlemania at [email protected].

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Off the Beatle Path

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Richie Havens

Eleanor Rigby

Mixed Bag

Mon, 1/22/18 - 6:12 pm Album | Track

Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan

Sindhi Bhairavi

In Concert 1972

Mon, 1/22/18 - 6:10 pm Album | Track

Richie Havens

Here Comes the Sun

Alarm Clock

Mon, 1/22/18 - 6:07 pm Album | Track

Richie Havens

Strawberry Fields Forever


Mon, 1/22/18 - 6:02 pm Album | Track

The Beatles

Cry for a Shadow

Anthology 1

Mon, 1/22/18 - 6:00 pm Album | Track

George Martin

I'll Be There


Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:58 pm Album | Track

Candace Bellamy

Sweet Sweet Soul

In My Lane

Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:55 pm Album | Track

George Martin

Cast Your Fate to the Wind


Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:51 pm Album | Track

The Persuasions

Oh Darling

Sing the Beatles

Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:47 pm Album | Track

Billy Preston

Isn't It a Pity

Concert for George

Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:41 pm Album | Track

John Lennon



Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:38 pm Album | Track

George Martin

Goin' Out of My Head


Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:34 pm Album | Track

The Mar-keys

Let It Be

Stax Does the Beatles

Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:31 pm Album | Track

Merry Clayton

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:24 pm Album | Track

George Martin



Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:21 pm Album | Track

The New Birth

Long and Winding Road

Black America Sings Lennon and McCartney

Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:18 pm Album | Track

Main Ingredient

Get Back

Black America Sings Lennon and McCartney

Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:15 pm Album | Track

Donald Height

Don't Let Me Down

Black America Sings Lennon and McCartney

Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:11 pm Album | Track

George Martin

I Feel Fine


Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:09 pm Album | Track


Let 'Em In


Mon, 1/15/18 - 6:03 pm Album | Track


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