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Freeform music for voracious consumers of sound.

No rules, no agenda, just quality music for open-minded listeners. Everything from obscure underground oldies to brand new releases: experimental rock, classic soul, crime jazz, latin boogaloo, country murder ballads, local demos and more share the airwaves for an hour of aural exploration.

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The Clear Spot

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Climb Up On My Music

Coming From Reality

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:34 am Album | Track

Compulsive Gamblers

I'm That Guy

Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:26 am Album | Track

The Clean



Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:24 am Album | Track

Modern Lovers

I'm Straight

The Original Modern Lovers

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:18 am Album | Track

Jackie Shane

Any Other Way (live)

Any Other Way

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:07 am Album | Track

Mary Wells

The One Who Really Loves You

The One Who Really Loves You

Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:04 am Album | Track

Nellie Rutherford

Laughing At Me


Sun, 12/3/17 - 1:01 am Album | Track

Tommy Keene

Places That Are Gone

Places That Are Gone

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:56 am Album | Track

Tommy Keene

Deep Six Saturday

Behind the Parade

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:52 am Album | Track



No Shouts No Calls

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:47 am Album | Track

Cate Le Bon

Aside From Growing Old

Rock Pool

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:44 am Album | Track




Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:40 am Album | Track

Tom Zé

Jimmy, Renda Se


Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:35 am Album | Track


Maria También

Con Todo El Mundo

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:32 am Album | Track

Sunny & the Sunliners

Put Me In Jail

Mr. Brown Eyed Soul

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:29 am Album | Track

Go Fever

United States Of My Mind

Go Fever

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:23 am Album | Track

The Golden Boys

Kick the Can

Better Than Good Times

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:18 am Album | Track

Cut Worms

I Don't Want to Say Goodbye

At Home

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:15 am Album | Track

Tommy Keene

Take Back Your Letters

Songs From the Film

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:11 am Album | Track

Chook Race

Start Anew

Around the House

Sun, 11/26/17 - 1:06 am Album | Track


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