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Darkest Before Dawn is the show that brings you the finest in Goth, Industrial, and Other Related Genres from the past through the present day.

You can contact us with requests or show theme ideas on Facebook at Darkest Before Dawn Facebook Page

You can also email us:  DJV, DJ AsuraSunil

If you miss an episode, it will be available to stream on demand for 2 weeks following the live air date at Radio Free America 



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Darkest Before Dawn

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Hearts for Bullets

Sun, 3/11/18 - 12:21 am Album | Track

Ego Likeness

Down By The Water

Compass EPs

Sun, 3/11/18 - 12:18 am Album | Track


London '79

Welcome, Strange Visitor

Sun, 3/11/18 - 12:11 am Album | Track


Fate and Superstition


Sun, 3/11/18 - 12:07 am Album | Track

Bikini Kill w/Joan Jett

Rebel Girl

The Singles

Sun, 3/11/18 - 12:05 am Album | Track

Love & Rockets

Body & Soul

Hot Trip to Heaven

Sun, 3/11/18 - 12:03 am Album | Track


Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

TV Terror: Feltching A Dead Horse

Sun, 3/11/18 - 12:01 am Album | Track

Mr. Kitty



Sun, 3/4/18 - 12:56 am Album | Track

Sisters of Mercy


More 7"

Sun, 3/4/18 - 12:47 am &linkCode=ur2&tag=kr031b-20&linkId=CBBKWJTSYQVOAZVV">Album | Track

Nitzer Ebb

I Give To You (Elemental)

I Give To You

Sun, 3/4/18 - 12:35 am Album | Track

Tones on Tail

Slender Fungus


Sun, 3/4/18 - 12:27 am Album | Track

Cocteau Twins

Pearly-Dewdrops Drops

The Spangle Maker

Sun, 3/4/18 - 12:20 am Album | Track

Siouxsie and the Banshees



Sun, 3/4/18 - 12:06 am Album | Track

Love and Rockets

Body and Soul

Hot Trip To Heaven

Sun, 3/4/18 - 12:02 am Album | Track


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

TV Terrir

Sun, 3/4/18 - 12:00 am Album | Track


Far Away (Panic Lift remix)

Age of the Disposable Body

Sun, 2/25/18 - 12:56 am Album | Track

Aesthetic Perfection

The Dark Half (AAIMON Remix)

The Dark Half

Sun, 2/25/18 - 12:51 am Album | Track


Prime Movers (Club Version)

Dependence 2015

Sun, 2/25/18 - 12:46 am Album | Track

Clan of Xymox

I Need to Be Alone

Days of Black

Sun, 2/25/18 - 12:35 am Album | Track

Decoded Feedback

Waiting for the Storm (Leather Strip Remix)

Waiting for the Storm

Sun, 2/25/18 - 12:30 am Album | Track


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