Darkest Before Dawn

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Darkest Before Dawn is the show that brings you the finest in Goth, Industrial, and Other Related Genres from the past through the present day.

You can contact us with requests or show theme ideas on Facebook at Darkest Before Dawn Facebook Page

You can also email us:  DJV, DJ AsuraSunil

If you miss an episode, it will be available to stream on demand for 2 weeks following the live air date at Radio Free America 



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Darkest Before Dawn

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

The Cure

One Hundred Years


Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:55 am Album | Track

The Cure

All Cats Are Grey


Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:49 am Album | Track

The Cure

Play For Today

Seventeen Seconds

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:40 am Album | Track

The Cure

Meat Hook

Three Imaginary Boys

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:38 am Album | Track

The Cure

10:15 Saturday Night

Join The Dots B-Sides and Rarities

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:34 am Album | Track

Authentic Impulse

Stuck in Stasis

Stuck in Stasis EP

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:26 am Album | Track



Rise To Conquer

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:21 am Album | Track


AOTDB (The Ladder Remix)

Age of the Disposable Body (Deluxe Edition)

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:14 am Album | Track

Gentleman Junkie

Walking Back

City Lights

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:09 am Album | Track

The Rain Within

Like The Devil

Atomic Eyes

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:04 am Album | Track

Love & Rockets

Body & Soul

Hot Trip to Heaven

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:02 am Album | Track


Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

TV Terror: Feltching A Dead Horse

Sun, 2/4/18 - 12:00 am Album | Track

New Order


Factory Records: Communications 1978-92

Sun, 1/28/18 - 12:58 am Album | Track

LCD Soundsystem

No Love Lost

All My Friends

Sun, 1/28/18 - 12:53 am Album | Track

Apoptygma Berzerk

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Black EP, Vol 2

Sun, 1/28/18 - 12:49 am Album | Track

Nine Inch Nails and Peter Murphy

Twenty Four Hours

Live Recordings

Sun, 1/28/18 - 12:38 am Album | Track

Joy Division



Sun, 1/28/18 - 12:34 am Album | Track

Joy Division

Day of the Lords

Unknown Pleasures

Sun, 1/28/18 - 12:27 am Album | Track

Joy Division

Ice Age

Heart and Soul

Sun, 1/28/18 - 12:25 am Album | Track


Inside the Line


Sun, 1/28/18 - 12:22 am Album | Track


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