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The Graveside Service is the show about dead celebrities! Each Saturday morning from 9-10am, your host Mr. Harris marks the death anniversaries of musicians, actors, authors, politicians and celebrities of every sort and ilk with music, information and good ol' fashioned fun. You may email the Graveside Service at

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Graveside Service

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Kay Starr

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:42 pm Album | Track

Patsy Cline

Tra Le La Le La Triangle

The Patsy Cline Story

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:37 pm Album | Track

Porter Wagoner

I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

A Slice of Life

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:33 pm Album | Track

Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner

Ten Four Over and Out

Sweet Harmony

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:29 pm Album | Track

Porter Wagoner

I Guess I'm Crazy for Loving You

Country Legends

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:25 pm Album | Track

Taylor Mitchell

Love and Maple Syrup

For Your Consideration

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:21 pm Album | Track

Taylor Mitchell

Fun While it Lasted

For Your ConsiderationTaylor Mitchell

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:17 pm Album | Track

Lefty Frizzell

Long Black Veil

The One and Only

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:13 pm Album | Track

The Earls of Leicester

I Won't Be Hanging 'round

The Earls of Leicester

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:09 pm Album | Track

Anita Carter

I Don't Need You Anymore

Appalachian Angel

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:04 pm Album | Track

Porter Wagoner

Company's Comin'

Country Legends

Sat, 10/28/17 - 2:00 pm Album | Track

Shirley Horn

that Old Black Magic

Johnny Mercer Songbook

Mon, 10/23/17 - 2:00 pm Album | Track

Bobby Vee

Run to Him

Legendary Masters

Sat, 10/21/17 - 2:55 pm Album | Track

Bobby Vee

Rubber Ball

Legendary Masters

Sat, 10/21/17 - 2:42 pm Album | Track

Mel Street

My Friend the Juke Box

Greatest Hits

Sat, 10/21/17 - 2:37 pm Album | Track

Mel Street

I Met a Friend of Yours Today Sat, 10/21/17 - 2:33 pm Album | Track

Mel Street

Livin' on Borrowed Time

Greatest Hits

Sat, 10/21/17 - 2:28 pm Album | Track

The Runaways

Cherry Bomb

Best of

Sat, 10/21/17 - 2:25 pm Album | Track

The Runaways

I Love Playing with Fire

Best of

Sat, 10/21/17 - 2:21 pm Album | Track

Dead or Alive

Then There Was You

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Sat, 10/21/17 - 2:17 pm Album | Track


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