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This Great White North brings independent Canadian music to Austin, TX every Friday at 4:30 PM.

Find us on the Web at, on Twitter at @tgwnradio, and on Facebook.

You can email us at [email protected].

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This Great White North

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

The Tragically Hip

Grace Too

Day For Night

Fri, 10/20/17 - 10:20 pm Album | Track

The Tragically Hip

Fully Completely

Fully Completely

Fri, 10/20/17 - 10:16 pm Album | Track

Neil Young

Walk Like A Giant

Psychedelic Pill

Fri, 10/20/17 - 10:02 pm Album | Track

The Tragically Hip

My Music At Work

Music @ Work

Fri, 10/20/17 - 9:56 pm Album | Track

The Tragically Hip

Nautical Disaster

Day For Night

Fri, 10/20/17 - 9:52 pm Album | Track

Gord Downie w/ The Sadies

Demand Destruction

And The Conquering Sun

Fri, 10/20/17 - 9:49 pm Album | Track

The Tragically Hip


Phantom Power

Fri, 10/20/17 - 9:42 pm Album | Track

The Tragically Hip

New Orleans Is Sinking

Up To Here

Fri, 10/20/17 - 9:37 pm Album | Track

The Tragically Hip

Highway Girl

The Tragically Hip EP

Fri, 10/20/17 - 9:34 pm Album | Track


Secret River

All Things to the Sea

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:55 pm Album | Track

Mid Atlantic

Let's Just Leave It

The Great War

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:53 pm Album | Track

The Barr Brothers

It Came to Me

Queens of the Breakers

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:49 pm Album | Track

Hot Hot Heat


Make Up the Breakdown

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:45 pm Album | Track



Wide Open

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:41 pm Album | Track


Where Were You?


Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:40 pm Album | Track

Our Lady Peace

Superman's Dead


Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:36 pm Album | Track

King Cobb Steelie

Dead Heart Colonies (The Straggler Redux)

Goodbye Arcadia EP

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:32 pm Album | Track

Girl Meets Bear

Blood Moon

Flight Path

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:28 pm Album | Track

Broken Social Scene

Pacific Theme

You Forgot It In People

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:26 pm Album | Track

Vic Horvath

Sow It In Spells

West Coast Reign

Fri, 10/13/17 - 10:23 pm Album | Track


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