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One of KOOP's longest-running programs, Jamaican Gold walks the timeline of Jamaican music from 1960 to 1980: starting with uptempo early ska, swinging into soulful rocksteady & revive, easing into the inception and development of reggae, and ending with ethereal, effects-driven classic dub.

Now into his 17th year of somehow being tolerated by KOOP management, host Art Baker brings extensive knowledge and a large personal library of these musical styles to bear each week as he traces the evolution of these great sounds.

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Jamaican Gold

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Niney and Soul Syndicate

So Long Dub

Trojan Dub Box Set

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:57 pm Album | Track

Skin Flesh and Bones

Dub to the Vein

Dub in Blood

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:55 pm Album | Track

The Revolutionaries

Africa Free Up

Outlaw Dub

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:51 pm Album | Track

Augustus Pablo

Chapter 2

East of the River Nile

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:47 pm Album | Track

Glen Brown

Meditating or Way of Life

Dub From the South East

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:43 pm Album | Track

Roman Stewart

Never Too Young To Learn

Boat to Progress

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:39 pm Album | Track

King Tubby

Coming Home To Zion Dub

Coming Home To Zion

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:36 pm Album | Track

Bingy Bunny

Coming Home to Zion

Coming Home To Zion

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:33 pm Album | Track

The Revolutionaries


Satta Dub Strictly Roots

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:31 pm Album | Track

Earth and Stone

In Time To Come

Kool Roots

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:29 pm Album | Track

Clive Chin/Errol Thompson

Cheating Dub

Java Java Java

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:26 pm Album | Track

Dennis Brown


17 North Parade

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:22 pm Album | Track

The Aggrovators

Stop the Dubbing

Johnny in the Echo Chamber

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:17 pm Album | Track

Johnny Clarke

Stop the Tribal War

Rockers Time Now

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:14 pm Album | Track

Ossie and the Revolutionaries

A Big Thing Version

Every Little Thing

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:11 pm Album | Track

Rod Taylor

Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:07 pm Album | Track

Cornell Campbell

The Judgement Come

Sweet Baby

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:04 pm Album | Track

The Skatalites

Latin Goes Ska

Latin Goes Ska

Sun, 1/28/18 - 7:00 pm Album | Track

Max Romeo

I'll Buy You a Rainbow

The Many Moods of Max Romeo

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:57 pm Album | Track


Same Song

Version Galore

Sun, 1/28/18 - 6:54 pm Album | Track


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