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A fun and informative look at what's happening locally and nationally in film, including interviews with area and Hollywood filmmakers and industry figures such as festival programmers, authors, and other behind-the-scenes people. Also featuring an events roundup, reviews, news, and analysis.

Robert Sims has written for, Miami New Times, the Palm Beach Daily News, Shock Till You Drop, Total Film Magazine, and What's On in London.

Email: lightscameraaus [email protected]

Twitter: @lightscameraaus

YouTube: lightscameraaustintx

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Lights, Camera, Austin

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Link Wray & The Wraymen

Jack the Ripper

Desperado OST

Thu, 8/7/14 - 2:00 pm Album | Track

Restless Heart


Maverick OST

Thu, 7/31/14 - 2:59 pm Album | Track

Robert Rodriguez

Theme From El Mariachi

Mexico and Mariachis: Music From and Inspired by Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi Trilogy

Thu, 7/31/14 - 2:00 pm Album | Track

Francis Monkman


Long Good Friday OST

Thu, 5/1/14 - 2:59 pm Album | Track

Stewart Copeland and Stan Ridgway

Don't Box Me In

Rumblefish OST

Thu, 5/1/14 - 2:45 pm Album | Track

Link Wray & The Wraymen

Jack the Ripper

Desperado OST

Thu, 5/1/14 - 2:00 pm Album | Track


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