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From the dirges of the tarpits, the carnivorous ones emerged. Crawling towards the megalith. Cold. Drenched under empty sky. Destination in ruin. Their true gift lies in the paths left behind. For within the muck of their grimy paths lie the primordial soup of sonic ascension. The muck is the miracle. The miracle is Stoner Rock. (Stoner Rock/Doom/Sludge/Heavy Psych/The kind of cacophonous sound that would warrant a description such as this)

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Molten Universe

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Part I

The Journey Is Over Now

Fri, 12/1/17 - 9:00 pm Album | Track


Old Thunder

Call of the Wreched Sea

Fri, 11/17/17 - 9:21 pm Album | Track


Sunset of Age

The Silent Enigma

Fri, 11/17/17 - 9:14 pm Album | Track

Bell Witch

Judgement, In Fire: I - Garden (Of Blooming Ash)

Four Phantoms

Fri, 11/17/17 - 9:04 pm Album | Track

Mournful Congregation

The Wreath

The June Frost

Fri, 11/17/17 - 9:01 pm Album | Track

The Sword

Lament for the Aurochs

Age of Winters

Fri, 11/10/17 - 9:24 pm Album | Track


Main Brain

Heady Mental

Fri, 11/10/17 - 9:17 pm Album | Track

All Them Witches


Sleeping Throuth the War

Fri, 11/10/17 - 9:10 pm Album | Track

Causa Sui


Euporie Tide

Fri, 11/10/17 - 9:01 pm Album | Track


Dragons of the Deep Part 1


Fri, 11/3/17 - 8:24 pm Album | Track

Bridge Farmers

Feast of Flesh

Frater Achad/Feast of Flesh

Fri, 11/3/17 - 8:18 pm Album | Track


Bataille Sucre


Fri, 11/3/17 - 8:12 pm Album | Track

Sweet & Honey

Bad Stone

Trips Festival 1993

Fri, 11/3/17 - 8:08 pm Album | Track


Ride Blue

Solid Stick Attack

Fri, 11/3/17 - 8:01 pm Album | Track


Down Wind

Civil War Fantasy

Fri, 10/13/17 - 8:30 pm Album | Track


Rosemary's Baby

The Director's Cut

Fri, 10/13/17 - 8:26 pm Album | Track

The Disease Concept


Your Destroyer

Fri, 10/13/17 - 8:20 pm Album | Track

A Thousand Knives of Fire

Hold Your Nose

The Last Train to Scornsville

Fri, 10/13/17 - 8:15 pm Album | Track

Queens of the Stone Age

Someone's in the Wolf

Lullabies to Paralyze

Fri, 10/13/17 - 8:07 pm Album | Track

Monster Magnet

Pill Shovel

Spine of God

Fri, 10/13/17 - 8:03 pm Album | Track


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