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Short, fast and catchy as heck punk rock and powerful pop music. High energy music with pop hooks that are sure to rot one’s teeth. Every song is guaranteed to stick in your head until you want to pry it out with a rusty crowbar.

More info and such at the Punk Melody Time Facebook page and seldom-updated blog: punkmelodytime.blogspot.com

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Thursdays at 3:00pm
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Punk Melody Time

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The Fastbacks

Dirk's Car Jam

Very, Very Powerful Motor

Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:28 pm Album | Track

Bitch Queens

Deadbeat Generation


Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:25 pm Album | Track

The Professionals


What in the World

Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:21 pm Album | Track

CJ Ramone

You'll Never Make Me Believe

American Beauty

Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:17 pm Album | Track

Basketball Shorts


This Summer

Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:12 pm Album | Track

The B-Leaguers

Rock n Roller Toons

Tales from a Punk Rock Road Trip

Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:09 pm Album | Track

Hard Socks

Sod's Law


Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:07 pm Album | Track

The Windowsill

Set on Breaking My Heart

Swamp Comp 4

Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:04 pm Album | Track

The Young Fresh Fellows

Miss Lonelyhearts

This One's for the Ladies

Thu, 4/5/18 - 9:02 pm Album | Track

The Mister T Experience

Weekend in Hogboro

Making Things With Light

Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:58 pm Album | Track

The Dwarves

Forget Me Not

Take Back the Night

Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:56 pm Album | Track

The Gaggers

Razor Cuts (On My Heart)

Rip You Apart

Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:54 pm Album | Track

The Dodges


Roll with...

Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:51 pm Album | Track

The Lawrence Arms

On with the Show

We Are the Champions of the World: The Best Of

Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:46 pm Album | Track

Character Actor

On Rubicon Beach


Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:44 pm &linkCode=ur2&tag=kr031b-20&linkId=CBBKWJTSYQVOAZVV">Album | Track

Boris the Sprinkler

Yellow Pills

(She Digs My) New Wave Records

Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:41 pm Album | Track

The Heartdrops

Fool For Love


Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:38 pm Album | Track

The Walking Targets


Chasing Days

Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:35 pm Album | Track


Suenan Espadeas

Un Sentimiento Importante

Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:28 pm Album | Track

Heavy Drapes

Into the Blue


Thu, 4/5/18 - 8:25 pm &linkCode=ur2&tag=kr031b-20&linkId=CBBKWJTSYQVOAZVV">Album | Track


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