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Short, fast and catchy as heck punk rock and powerful pop music. High energy music with pop hooks that are sure to rot one’s teeth. Every song is guaranteed to stick in your head until you want to pry it out with a rusty crowbar.

More info and such at the Punk Melody Time Facebook page and seldom-updated blog: punkmelodytime.blogspot.com

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Punk Melody Time

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

The Fastbacks

Dirk's Car Jam

Very, Very Powerful Motor

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:29 pm Album | Track

Radio Dead Ones

Almighty Saint

Celebrate the End

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:26 pm Album | Track

The About: Blanks

Washing Machine

Ignore This Product

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:24 pm Album | Track

The Pennycocks

So Excited

Fake Gold and Broken Teeth

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:22 pm Album | Track

The Hard Girls

The Orbitoclast


Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:18 pm Album | Track

The Descendents

Shameless Halo

Hypercaffium Spazinate

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:13 pm Album | Track

The Murderburgers

I Used to Hate that Life

The 12 Habits of Highly Defective People

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:11 pm Album | Track

The Breaklights

Attached to You

Instructed to Fail

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:08 pm Album | Track

The Mister T Experience

I Feel Love

Our Bodies. Our Selves

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:05 pm Album | Track

The Mister T Experience

Bridge to Terabithia

Our Bodies. Our Selves

Thu, 3/23/17 - 9:03 pm Album | Track

The Mister T Experience

Weekend in Hogboro

Making Things With Light

Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:57 pm Album | Track

The Cuffs



Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:55 pm Album | Track


El Dia de la Aceleration


Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:53 pm Album | Track


Heroes Del No

Sentido del Espectaculo

Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:51 pm Album | Track

Los Pepes

The Trap

Let's Go!

Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:48 pm Album | Track

Low Levels

Lost in the Trance

Lost in the Trance

Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:45 pm Album | Track

Real Tears

Dull Dagger

Too Cool to Rock

Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:41 pm Album | Track

Jennifer's Buddy

Normal Day

Pilot Epsode

Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:39 pm Album | Track

The Travoltas

Dying to Do that with You

Until We Hit the Shore

Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:37 pm Album | Track

The Lemonaids

In Love with Summer

Sugar Bomb

Thu, 3/23/17 - 8:34 pm Album | Track


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