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Short, fast and catchy as heck punk rock and powerful pop music. High energy music with pop hooks that are sure to rot one’s teeth. Every song is guaranteed to stick in your head until you want to pry it out with a rusty crowbar.

More info and such at the Punk Melody Time Facebook page and seldom-updated blog: punkmelodytime.blogspot.com

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Punk Melody Time

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

The Fastbacks

Dirk's Car Jam

Very, Very Powerful Motor

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:28 pm Album | Track


Feel This

Hypercaffium Spazzinate

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:26 pm Album | Track

Green Devil's Tentacles

Joey Don't Go


Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:23 pm Album | Track

Hospital Job

Throw It in the Pile

split w/ Capitalist Kids

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:22 pm Album | Track

The About: Blanks

Butlins was a Gas

Ignore This Product

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:20 pm Album | Track

Rata Negra

Viviremos Eternamente

Oido Absoluto

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:18 pm Album | Track

Shit Present

Evil Way

Misery + Disaster

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:16 pm Album | Track

The Murderburgers

December Ruined Everything

The 12 Habits of Highly Defective People

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:08 pm Album | Track

Thin Lips

No Obituary

Riff Hard

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:05 pm Album | Track

Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms

Two Steps Behind

Basement Punk

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:03 pm Album | Track

Nick Piunti

As Far as I Know

Trust Your Instimcts

Thu, 5/25/17 - 9:00 pm Album | Track

The Mister T Experience

Weekend in Hogboro

Making Things With Light

Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:58 pm Album | Track

Bitch Queens



Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:54 pm Album | Track

Hip Priests

Sha Na Na Na Nihilist

The F*ckin' Boys

Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:50 pm Album | Track


Like a Knife at a Gunfight

Lucid Again

Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:45 pm Album | Track

The Hum Hums

Surfin' Hearse

Pop Punk Jukebox 2

Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:40 pm Album | Track

The Travoltas


Until We Hit the Shore

Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:36 pm Album | Track

Parasite Diet

The Traveler

Coast to Coast

Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:34 pm Album | Track

Cyanide Pills

i Don't Remember

Sliced and Diced

Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:31 pm Album | Track

Los Pepes

Give Me Problems

Let's Go!

Thu, 5/25/17 - 8:26 pm Album | Track


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