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Short, fast and catchy as heck punk rock and powerful pop music. High energy music with pop hooks that are sure to rot one’s teeth. Every song is guaranteed to stick in your head until you want to pry it out with a rusty crowbar.

More info and such at the Punk Melody Time Facebook page and seldom-updated blog: punkmelodytime.blogspot.com

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Punk Melody Time

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Radio Buzzkills

Punk Rock Angel

Get Fired

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:26 pm Album | Track

The Dodges

Old Habits

Roll with...

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:22 pm Album | Track

Low Derive


Punk Rock Raduno Vol. 2

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:19 pm Album | Track


Never Now

Human Movement

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:15 pm Album | Track



split w/ Raging Nathans

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:13 pm Album | Track

Pkew Pkew Pkew

Blood Clot

+ One

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:11 pm Album | Track

Bedford Falls

Getting Up

Send More Bees

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:10 pm Album | Track

Heart and Lung

Don't Need You

You Wanna Know the Truth?

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:07 pm Album | Track

The Down and Outs

What Did You Do in the Culture Wars?

Double Negative

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:05 pm Album | Track

Neighborhood Brats

Night Shift

Night Shift

Thu, 2/15/18 - 9:03 pm Album | Track

The Steve Adamyk Band

Not For Long

Steve Adamyk Band

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:28 pm Album | Track

The Replacements

Perfectly Lethal

Let It Be (Expanded)

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:23 pm Album | Track

The Carbonas

Trapped In Hell

The Carbonas

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:21 pm Album | Track

The Gamits

I'm Not Going Back


Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:17 pm Album | Track

The Scientists

Teenage Dreamer

A Place Called Bad

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:14 pm Album | Track

The Lonely Hearts

Last Kiss

Do the Pop Redux Part 1

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:12 pm Album | Track

The Groovie Ghoulies

2000 Man

Appetite For Adrenochrome

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:10 pm Album | Track



Still Screamin/This Side Up

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:06 pm Album | Track



The Sun is Down and Night is Riding In

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:03 pm Album | Track

The Steve Adamyk Band

Not For Long

Steve Adamyk Band

Thu, 2/8/18 - 10:00 pm Album | Track


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