Hand To Hold

Hand To Hold

A resource for mothers and families of premature babies from mothers of preemies


ROCO welcomed Amy Carr and Kelli Kelly to describe the non-profit Hand To Hold.  Both mothers of premature babies they rededicated themselvs to provide resources to those mothers and families now dealing with the birth of a preemie.  Hand To Hold carefully matches seasoned parents of preemies with parents in need of support.  A web based support system provides education and navigation support and works to fill the seervice gap that currently exists for families who have had a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or who have experienced loss.

Their programs include Helping hands peer-to-peer support, NICU Resource Library, Meet The Provider patient education, Sibling Support, Online education programming, NICU Support Groups, Parent Blog, Life After Nicu Family Forum, Bereavement Support, Care Webpages, Online Resource Directory, Social media connections and growing online library of information, articles, family stories and more.  For more information and ways that you can volunteer or otherwise contribute to this organization contact; www.handtohold.org

Team Hand To Hold consists of eighteen (18) runners who are raising funds to support Hand To Hold by running in the upcoming Austin Marathon on 15 February.  You can find out more information about what you can do to help the runners from the Hand To Hold web page; www.handtohold.org