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A high-octane guitar-oriented rock/metal/punk show to fuel inject those dangerous mid-week doldrums. You can check out Rock N Roll Pest Control on Facebook....just search for Rock N Roll Pest Control, look for the picture of Lemmy, and there ya go!

email: [email protected]

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Rock N' Roll Pest Control

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live in sofia

Wed, 2/21/18 - 9:08 pm Album | Track


another perfect day

another perfect day

Wed, 2/21/18 - 9:03 pm Album | Track

young fresh fellows

rock n roll pest control

the fabulous sounds of the pacific northwest

Wed, 2/21/18 - 9:02 pm Album | Track


rock n roll high school

rock n roll high school

Wed, 2/21/18 - 9:01 pm Album | Track

the arrows

i love rock n roll

singles collection plus

Wed, 2/21/18 - 9:00 pm Album | Track


space invader


Wed, 2/14/18 - 10:29 pm Album | Track

ram jam

all for the love of rock n roll

the very best of ram jam

Wed, 2/14/18 - 10:26 pm Album | Track

cheap trick

need your love

dream police

Wed, 2/14/18 - 10:20 pm Album | Track

barry de vorzon

theme from the warrirors

warriors soundtrack

Wed, 2/14/18 - 10:18 pm Album | Track


everybody loves a chubby dude


Wed, 2/14/18 - 10:13 pm Album | Track


big love

too late to die young

Wed, 2/14/18 - 10:09 pm Album | Track

van halen

ain't talkin' 'bout love

van halen

Wed, 2/14/18 - 10:05 pm Album | Track

cheap trick

oh boy instrumental

in color

Wed, 2/14/18 - 10:01 pm Album | Track

tygers of pan tang

love potion #9

the cage

Wed, 2/14/18 - 9:59 pm Album | Track

mr t experience

i feel love

our bodies, ourselves

Wed, 2/14/18 - 9:57 pm Album | Track

alice cooper

be my lover


Wed, 2/14/18 - 9:56 pm Album | Track


choking on the edge of love

kill m.o.t.o.

Wed, 2/14/18 - 9:54 pm Album | Track


way of love

land of the lost

Wed, 2/14/18 - 9:49 pm Album | Track

davie allan and the arrows

grog's hog

cycle-delic sounds

Wed, 2/14/18 - 9:47 pm Album | Track

generation x

love like fire

valley of the dolls

Wed, 2/14/18 - 9:44 pm Album | Track