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Producer/Co-Host: John Hoffner (john dot hoffner at koop dot org)
Co-Host: Amy Stansbury (amyrstansbury at gmail dot com)
Co-Host: Reed Sternberg ( Reed at shadesofgreenmedia dot com)

Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Conservation, Health, Permaculture & Natural Building : LIVE in-studio & phone Interviews with Guests, topical Music, green News & Events, web Reviews ... weekly Local EcoNews and EcoCalendar presented by Austin EcoNetwork's Amy Stansbury (Amyrstansbury at gmail dot com), MP3 show archives & links:

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Shades of Green

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Ocean Ramsey Dives with Sharks

Ocean Ramsey


Thu, 8/14/14 - 2:33 pm Album | Track

DC Environmental Film Fest

White Whales on Shark Week


Thu, 8/14/14 - 2:25 pm Album | Track

Thor Documentary Films

Fishing the Anacostia


Thu, 8/14/14 - 2:12 pm Album | Track

Discovery Channel

Shark Week Film - Zombie Sharks


Thu, 8/14/14 - 2:04 pm Album | Track

Hot Tuna

Water Song


Thu, 8/14/14 - 2:00 pm Album | Track

John Petrucci

Solar Groove

Suspended Animation

Thu, 8/14/14 - 1:00 pm Album | Track

John Petrucci

Solar Groove

Suspended Animation

Thu, 8/7/14 - 1:01 pm Album | Track


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