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On air since 1996, Youth Spin brings varied perspectives of Austin youth through commentaries, interviews, music and more. The collective have been recognized nationally by the National Federation of Broadcasters as a model for youth radio programs. Youth Spin also participates in PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, where their pieces have been featured and boadcast nationally.

Youth Spin's membership is open to Austin-area high schoolers. For more information about joining, contact the show's coordinators (remove the _at_ and replace with @ to successfully send your message).

Learn more about Youth Spin - on their WebsiteFacebook pagePRX page, or by following their Twitter feed.

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Youth Spin

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

built to spill

kicked it in the sun

Perfect From Now On

Fri, 4/7/17 - 11:49 pm Album | Track

Lucinda Williams

cant let go

wheels on a gravel road

Fri, 4/7/17 - 11:48 pm Album | Track

bob wills

right or wrong

Famous Country Music Makers

Fri, 4/7/17 - 11:30 pm Album | Track

Crowded House

Don't Dream It's Over

Crowded house

Fri, 4/7/17 - 11:28 pm Album | Track

yo lo tango

autumn sweater

i can hear the heart beating as one

Fri, 4/7/17 - 11:20 pm Album | Track

the replacements

swingin party


Fri, 4/7/17 - 11:15 pm Album | Track

Broken Social Scene

Halfway Home

Halfway Home

Fri, 4/7/17 - 11:10 pm Album | Track

The Police

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Ghost in the Machine

Fri, 3/31/17 - 11:51 pm Album | Track


Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Sweet Dreams

Fri, 3/31/17 - 11:50 pm Album | Track


Don't Change

Shabooh Shoobah

Fri, 3/31/17 - 11:34 pm Album | Track

Peter Gabriel

In Your Eyes


Fri, 3/31/17 - 11:28 pm Album | Track

Talking Heads

Life During Wartime

Fear of Music

Fri, 3/31/17 - 11:16 pm Album | Track

The Clash

London's Burning

The Clash

Fri, 3/31/17 - 11:12 pm Album | Track

New Order

Round and Round


Fri, 3/31/17 - 11:08 pm Album | Track


Little Red Corvette


Fri, 3/31/17 - 11:02 pm Album | Track

Tom Waits

Ol' 55 Fri, 3/24/17 - 11:45 pm Album | Track

Lou Reed



Fri, 3/24/17 - 11:37 pm Album | Track

George Harrison

If Not For You

All Things Must Pass

Fri, 3/24/17 - 11:23 pm Album | Track

Dale Watson

My Baby Makes Me Gravy

The Sun Sessions

Fri, 3/24/17 - 11:16 pm Album | Track

Dale Watson

Down Down Down Down Down

The Sun Sessions

Fri, 3/24/17 - 11:13 pm Album | Track


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