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Pilot Show
with: Various
Monday 19:00:00 - 20:00:00

One hour of radio magic – from new, up and coming KOOP programmers as well as sets from your favorite current KOOP deejays who want to stray from their usual formats. Tune in for exciting glimpses of KOOP's future and some weird "What If" departures from its present.

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An hour-long mashup tribute to the Bay City Rollers, tailor-made for Cirque du Soleil if they ever get the notion. Some of the songs included: Bay City Rollers We Love You (Tartan Horde); Shang a Lang; Remember; All of Me Loves All of You; Saturday Night; Keep on Dancing; Rock and Roll Honeymoon; Let's Go; Rock and Roll Love Letter; Dedication; Eagles Fly; Shanghai'd in Love; Beatiful Dreamer; Yesterday's Heroes; Too Young to Rock and Roll; I Only Wanna Dance with You; I Only Want to Be With You; Rock and Roller; Money Honey; The Disco Kid; Love Fever; Are You Cuckoo; Life on the Radio; You Made Me Believe in Magic; Inside a Broken Dream; The Way I Feel Tonight; Rebel Rebel; When I Say I Love You; Stoned Houses #1; Elevator; Who'll Be My Keeper; You're a Woman; Instant Relay; Turn on the Radio; The Bump; Roxy Roller; God Save Rock and Roll; Rollers Show (Tartan Horde); and more.

All songs taken from various artists "Finnhits" record series, vols. 1-10 (1970-79), the Finnish equivalent to K-tel... Hosted by DJ Kim Simpson

"Ajetaan tandemilla" - Freeman
"Ramaya" - Frederik
"Banaania poskeen" - 7 seinahullua veljesta
"Nashville, Tennessee" - Jussi Raittinen
"Hullu mies hullu" - Esa Pakarinen
"Hairikko" - Irwin Goodman
"Maailma se on vain kuin silkkia vain" - M.A. Numminen
"Kesan lapsi" - Tapani Kansa
"Hafanana" - Tapani Kansa
"Meia Veera" - Erkki Liikanen
"Valon yssa" - Tuomari Nurmio
"Cha Cha Cha" - Irwin Goodman
"Pump-pump" - Fredi ja ystavat
"Ma uskoon huomispaivaan" - Juha "Watt" Vainio
"Kolmen konstin timpermanni" - Erkki Liikanen
"Tuolta saapuu Charlie Brown" - Vicky Rosti
"Hasardi" - Mikko Alatalo
"Jatkan humppa" - Mutkattomat
"Kylahaat" - Kari Tapio
MESSAGE FROM DJ KIM: Thanks to the 3 callers who rang the station after the "Banana Megamix" today - I'm sorry that I had to hurry and get off the phone so fast (the next show was live on mic and was about to begin...). Feel free to email me at kimsimpson at koop dot org if you'd like to discuss today's show (or anything else) in a not-so-rush-rush manner.
Squeeze - Another Nail in my Heart
Black 47 - Funky Ceili
XTC - Respectable Street
Horrorpops - Horrorbeach Pt. II
Aquabats - Plastic Lips!
Blondie - Rip Her to Shreds
She Creatues - Moonman
The Police - The Other Way of Stopping
eX Girl - Pop Muzik

Pilot Show 10/20/08


All Fired Up/Tralala/Tralala
Red Hot Mama/Hot Club of Cowtown/Tall Tales
Mom & Dad's Waltz/Iris Dement/My Life
Thank You, Mama/Sarafina:Music from the Motion Picture
Mori Shej, Sabina (My Daughter, Sabina)/Csokolom/May I Kiss Your Hand
Sing It!/Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, Tracy Nelson/Sing It!
Alza La Cara/Centzontle/Centzontle
Easy In the Early ('til Sundown)/Uncle Earl/Waterloo, Tennessee


How to Dream/Sam Phillips/Fan Dance
Pipe Dreams/White Ghost Shivers/Everyone's Got Em
Little Jack Slade/Dixie Chicks/Home
Rubberball/Thamusement/Never Settle
Garmarna/Halling from Macedonia/Balkans Without Borders
Ekoleya/Angelique Kidjo/Logozo
I Am Aglow/Sarah Harmer/I'm A Mountain


From This Moment On/Ella Fitzgerald/Love Songs:Best of the Song Book
On Revival Day/Bessie Smith/Oxford American:2005 Southern Music CD
Women Be Wise/Bonnie Raitt & Sippie Wallace/The Bonnie Raitt Collection
Long Way to Go/Carolyn Wonderland/Miss Understood
Hymn (Raise Your Hands)/Austin Bella Corda/Gypsy Teens
I Am Constellation/The Kingdom/Unitas
Ligo/Ingrid Karklins/Anima Mundi
Mwaka Mpya/Tamasha Africana/Tamasha Africana


Copenhagen/Patty Griffin & the Bad Livers/The Newton Boys:Music from the film
Ramblin (Wo)man/Cat Power/Jukebox (Incorrectly identified as "New York" on air)
Take a Chance (Bonus track)/Quicy Coleman/Also Known As Mary
Move with Me (dub)/Neneh Cherry/Until The End of the World soundtrack
Moma Houbava/Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares/Ritual
Cigany Himnusz/Rostas Szobina/Latcho Drom
Long Way Home/Alice Gerard/Calling Me Home
Blind David/Double Eagle String Band/Who's Goin Down to Town
Light In Your Window/Betty Elders/Peaceful Existence
Omega - “Petróleum Lámpa” (1969) (Hungary)
Djavoli - “Cha-cha Pusti Me” (1988) (Yugoslavia/Croatia)
J. Karjalainen ja Mustat Lasit - “Mustat Lasit” (1981) (Finland)
Erkin Koray - “Cicek Dagi” (1968) (Turkey)
Jacques DuTronc - “Le Responsable” (1968) (France)
Legiao Urbana - “Eduardo e Monica” (1986) (Brazil)
Equipe 84 - “Sei Felice” (1965) (Italy)
Boye - “Kralj Dosade” (1990) (Yugoslavia/Serbia)
Tomaz Pengov - “Prisla Je” (1988) (Yugoslavia/Slovenia)
Mode Plagal - “Pikrodafni” (1999) (Greece)
Yuzo Kayama - “Black Sand Beach” (1966) (Japan)
San Ul Lim - “Frustration” (1977) (South Korea)
Prudy - “Zvonte, Zvonky” (1969) (Czechoslovakia)
Los Dug Dug’s - “Cambia Cambia” (1974) (Mexico)
Bijelo Dugme - “Ne Spavaj, Mala Moja…” (1974) (Yugoslavia/Bosnia)
Alla Pugacheva - “Arlekino” (1975) (USSR)

Great Pie Pols/Chateau Neuf/Nordic Roots:A Northside Collection
New Shoes/Kathy McCarty/Another Day In The Sun
Paper Boat/Kristina Boswell/Tally Ho
Thula Sizwe/Inkululeko/Inkululeko
Aux Natchitoches/Feufollet/Tout un Beau Soir
Mur Stojmeno/Ogrejala Mesecina/Ruth Hunter & Ruthie Dornfield/Rue Balkan
Before You/Hot Club of Cowtown/Ghost Train


Newspaper Angels/Jenny Scheinman/Advance Music
Keep Your Hat on Jenny/Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez/Red Dog Tracks
One In A Million/Lene Lovitch/Stateless...Plus
You'll Remember/Patty Griffin/Children Running Through
Silver Slipper/Rocky Road to Dublin/Heather Gilmer & Jeff Moore/Traditional Irish Music
The Right Kind of Man/Toni Price/Midnight Pumpkin
Your Song/Kate Walsh/tim's house
Alla Gossar/Triakel/Triakel
Liwawechi/Miriam Makeba/Homeland
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