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Fri 11/8/2019 1:00 pm

People United features feminist philosopher Silvia Federici, whose books include Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation and Witches, Witch-Hunting and Women, on capitalist accumulation and violence against women.

Listen to an archive of this program here.

Thu 11/7/2019 9:00 pm

Your favorite 91.7 FM frequency siblings KOOP & KVRX are joining forces for a night of record spinning at The 13th Floor (1812 E 12th St)!  KOOP will be represented by Arlini Martini & Space Cadet (Ear Candy 2.0), KVRX DJs TBD

21+ | FREE | Benefiting KOOP & KVRX | Artwork by Andy Haughey

Wed 11/6/2019 12:00 pm

The International Folk Bazaar welcomes Longriver, aka David Longoria, who will be playing live in-studio and talking about his new album Of Seasons.

Sun 11/3/2019 7:00 pm

KOOP Presents the Austin Animal Center's “Howl-O-Ween” Adoption Special event waiving adoption fees for all of their available animals from now through November 3. The shelter is currently over capacity and in desperate need for adopters in order to make room for more animals in need. They currently have hundreds of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens looking for forever homes, plus some rabbits, Guinea pigs and even a few chickens. Austin Animal Center is located at 7201 Levander Loop and is open 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm. Please stop by the shelter to meet your new best friend.... Read more

Sat 11/2/2019 5:15 pm

The Singer and the Song welcomes Shandon Sahm. Shandon was a longtime member of two historic Texas rock bands, The Meat Puppets and Pariah, and he's also the son of the legendary Doug Sahm, who he is celebrating right now with his new release, Sahm Covers Sahm. Shandon lives in the Netherlands now, so we're especially thrilled to have him in Texas celebrating his musical roots. Join us as he performs live for us the whole hour on KOOP 91.7 FM and koop.org, 3-4pm, Saturday, November 2nd

Oh, and by the way, the past two outstanding shows with Sarah Lee Guthrie and Jenifer Jackson can... Read more

Mon 10/28/2019 1:00 pm

Austin Artists features guests from the upcoming Austin Polish Film Festival (Marcelina, Angelika, Helena, Magda and Joanna). We'll delve into the APFF and the layers of Artistry that make Polish Films so engaging, emotive, compelling and memorable. We'll also hear about the schedule, features, guests Artists, happenings and much more! Monday, 10/28, 1pm.

Sun 10/27/2019 12:00 pm

This Sunday, October 27, KOOP Presents: All Chihuahua’s Parties CANINE COSTUME CONTEST, Brunch, and Adoption Event benefiting Austin Animal Center and Soulfull is PAWSible Animal Rescue at Kinda Tropical (3507 E. 7th St) from Noon-4 pm, featuring KOOP DJs: Dot Matrix (The Girlie Show), Yance-Man (Channel Surfing), Daine (DPX Hi-Test / Under the Eternal Night), and DJ Space Cadet (Ear Candy 2.0). The party is FREE, all ages, open to the public, with animals available for adoption, and all pups are welcome with or without costumes!

Sun 10/27/2019 9:00 am

Dave Barber talks with writer, filmmaker, photographer and folklorist Alan Govenar about The Blues Come To Texas: Paul Oliver and Mack McCormick's Unfinished Book. The collaboration between the British-born Oliver and Houston-based McCormick began in 1959. Their eagerly awaited manuscript about Texas blues never made it into finished form during their lifetimes (McCormick died in 2015, Oliver in 2017).  Govenar, who has written about Texas music for four decades, spearheaded the effort in getting the book published. He talks about how this vast, detailed research... Read more

Sat 10/26/2019 3:00 pm

The Singer and the Song welcomes Sarah Lee Guthrie. The story of American music rings in her last name, as her grandfather and father are icons of our collective musical story. Sarah Lee is equally gifted, with a beautiful voice and songs of her own to sing, carrying on the most honorable of family traditions. She's been on the road the past few years on stage with her father on the Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary tour, performing her own great set of songs. I am deeply honored to welcome her to the show, so join us as she performs live for us the whole hour on KOOP 91.7 FM and koop.... Read more

Fri 10/25/2019 1:00 pm

People United speaks in depth with Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio, which records and distributes voices of prisoners, including the commentaries of Mumia Abu-Jamal, for airplay on radio stations, and also for presentations in other contexts.

Listen to an archive of this program here.