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Playlist March 29, 2003

Barracudas - I Want My Woody Back - 7”
Tours - Language School - 7”
Visitors - Take It or Leave It - 7”
Arthur Brown - Don’t Tell Me - Incredible Sound Show Stories 17 (comp)
Ronnie Bird - S.O.S. Mesdemoiselles - Pop à Paris 5 (comp)
Velvet Haze - Last Day on Earth - For a Few Fuzz Guitars More (comp)
Four Corners - Now! Baby! Now! - Say Your a Scream

Playlist for March 22, 2003

Alarm Clocks - Boomtown Rage - 12” split w/Witnesses
Ideal - Schwein - Der Ernst des Lebens
Iron Virgin - Rebels Rule - 7”
Damned - Theta - 7”
Johnny Hallyday - À tout casser - Pop à Paris 2 (comp)
Twentieth Century Zoo - You Don’t Remember - 7”
Milkshakes - She’ll Be Mine - Talkin’ ‘Bout
FM Knives - T.V. Light - Useless & Modern

Playlist for March 15, 2003

Tubthumper - Kick Out the Jams - Velvet Tinmine (comp)
Troggs - I’m On Fire - 7”
Eastside Suicides - How Much for Nuthin’ - unreleased
Briefs - Gary Glitter’s Eyes - 7”
Epoxies - Synthesized - 7”
Kaleidoscope - Hang Out - La Ciruela
Group Therapy - Remember What You Said - Oddities 2 (comp)
Bobby Lapointe - Diba Diba - Pop à Paris 4 (comp)

Playlist for March 1, 2003 - Glam Rock Special with guest DJ Sue Davis

Suzi Quatro - All Shook Up
Checkers - American Nights
David Bowie - I'm Waiting for the Man
Nick Gilder - One of the Boys
The Sweet - Someone Else Will
T. Rex - The Groover
Mott the Hoople - Momma's Little Jewel
Hedwig (and the Angry Inch) - Tear Me Down
Zeros - Cosmic Couple
Eastside Suicides - Pink Personality

Playlist December 28th 2002

Playlist December 28th 2002

The Dolla Holla Ol' Skool Show

Just-Ice-"Back To The Old School"
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-"Just Rockin'"
3rd Bass-"The Gas Face"
Ice-T-"The Tower"
Sugar Hill Gang-"8th Wonder"
Biz Markie-"This Is Something For The Radio"
Sweet Tee-"I Got Da Feelin'"
The Showboys-"Drag Rap"
Jay-Z-"Show You How"
LL Cool J-"I'm That Type of Guy"

Playlist for November 24,2002

Rob Swift f/Supernatural-"Interview With Colored Man"
(In-Studio Interview with Sleep of Old Dominion)
Sleep-"Cat's Like Y'All"
(Dolla Or Holla Joint of The Week)
Seth Marcell-"Give It Here"(Tie-DOLLA)
(In-Studio Interview with Onry of Old Dominion)
Onry-"Digest The Hardcore"
(Call-In Interview with Storm The Unpredictable)

The Dolla Holla Playlist for 11/10/02

GZA-"Knock Knock"
Main One-"Underneath The Staircase"
Fat Joe f/Baby,Scarface,&Tony Sunshine-"Bust At You"
(Dolla/Holla Joint of The Week)
Infamous Blu Steele-"Jumpin' In Here"(HOLLA)
(In-Studio Guest: Smokey Smoke)
(ATX)Smokey Smoke-"Go Legit"
The Beatnuts-"Work That Pole"
Storm The Unpredictable-"Get Your Weight Up"

Saturday the 26th October

The theme for this Saturday evening is non-Halloween music. It's a non-theme, which really is a theme if you think about it. Playlist posted soon. Enjoy your regularly scheduled program.

December 9th, 2000

Playlist for December 9th, 2000:

December 9th, 2000




Sun Ra

Where Pathways Meet



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