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People United - July 23, 2010

People United presents the first of a two-part episode featuring Ann Wright, a retired US Army colonel and former career diplomat, and Joe Meadors, a retired US Navy signalman, about their experiences taking part in the

People United - July 30, 2010

People United hears from Joe Meadors about surviving one attack by the Israeli military as a US Navy signalman aboard the USS Liberty in 1967 and another as a peace activist taking part in the

People United - July 16, 2010

People United hears about the Workers Defense Project's new partnership with the US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration and the nonprofit OSHA-compliance consulting firm

People United - July 9, 2010

People United talks with war resister Victor Agosto, the Iraq war veteran who refused to deploy to Afghanistan, and filmmaker Catherine Montondo, whose upcoming project documents the experiences and feelings of Americans and Iraqis in US-occ

People United - June 25, 2010

People United talks with former Black Panther Robert Hillary King, Ex-pinta Support Alliance founder Tania Rivera, and former Students for a Democratic Society activist Mariann Wizard about the life, health, and pending release of US political

People United - July 2, 2010

People United talks with Karen Hadden of the SEED Coalition, Trevor Lovell of

People United - June 4, 2010

People United talks with UNITE HERE union members Judith Melara, Rosa Gardinez, Mike Minnick and Dora Mendoza, former hospitality workers at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport that were

People United - June 11, 2010

People United talks with Andy Berkovski and Jeff Hinkle of City Theatre about the company's staging of Paul Rudnick's play

People United - May 28, 2010

People United features journalist and poet John Ross on his book El Monstruo: Dread and Redemption in Mexico City.


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