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People United - January 8, 2010

People United talks with Patricia Zavala and Hector Hernández, both with the Workers Defense Project/Proyecto Defensa Laboral (PDL), about the rights and lives of low-wage laborers in Austin, particularly in the construction industry. Episode concludes with a commentary by Mumia Abu-Jamal ("From How to Why").

People United - December 11, 2009

People United features an interview about the oil industry with policy analyst Antonia Juhasz, director of the Chevron Program at

People United - December 4, 2009

People United features Cherokee feminist Andrea Smith on forming alliances, building movements, and thinking outside the box. Episode concludes with a commentary by Rahul Mahajan ("To Surge or Not to Surge").

People United - November 27, 2009

People United features Socialist Worker reporter Eric Ruder and International Social Organization member Karen Burke on their participation in the

People United - November 20, 2009

People United features Chris Hedges taking questions from Robert Jensen about the former's life and work as an author and journalist, particularly as represented by his book

People United - February 13, 2009

People United features former Black Panther Robert Hillary King (aka Robert King Wilkerson), the released member of the

People United - October 9, 2009

People United features documentary photographer Alan Pogue on his work through the years, now collected in his book Witness for Justice.

People United - July 17, 2009

People United hears about Under the Hood Café near Fort Hood and its relation to both GI rights and GI resistance to US military occupations overseas from Iraq war veteran Victor Agosto, currently resisting stop-loss orders to deploy to Afgh

People United - November 6, 2009

People United talks with Institute for Public Accuracy founder Norman Solomon about his memoir Made Love, Got War as well as about the documentary based


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